Life Update, Check-In Additions, Etc :)

blessed to receive so much love and support from so many people! That being said, you must realize how the hate toward Jason effects me as well. I think it’s just incredibly uncalled for. I am happy to report that life is feeling better. Much love!! Ooh, and please check out Weight Loss Losers: Happy Weekend! PS I think the ring is a size 8? I used to wear an 11!! :O … antishay weight loss calories counting losing obese diet health nutrition inspiration help fat WLL raw foods …

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  1. Love your videos and Jasons and also videos with you two together 🙂 You two are fun to watch keep up the good work. People can be so mean sometimes…ughh!
    Hey i need to get my life in order too do you have any suggestions how do i start. right now i’m a mess and don’t know where to start. Take care, Vanessa

  2. dondons1987 says:

    How can anyone hate Jason? OMG! well i love seeing you and Jason and even better- you and Jason together!!!
    You know? sometimes the comment haters make me Sooooooo mad!

  3. crayonfiend says:

    people are a pain in the arse. besties for life. My bestie is a pain hehehe i luvs him and i would nvr let him go

  4. mkaypittsburghchamps says:

    my bad, she doesnt have a boyfriend but still
    its just like a bestfreind thing

  5. fornow100000 says:

    but I liked your ending here. It sounded a lot better than the whole 9 minutes of your earlier talk 🙂 Good luck

  6. mkaypittsburghchamps says:

    jasons gay
    so i dont think that would be an issue

    and i think shandi has a boyfriend

  7. fornow100000 says:

    I never saw Jason so I have nothing against him. However I met many girls like you. I wonder if you are using Jason. He is jsut a friend and you love him, but I bet you flirt with him and lead him on, but you ll deny it later. I bet his is just convienient and this is why you chose to be single. Anyways…jsut my observation. 🙂

  8. TheGirlygirl76 says:

    Don’t listen to the haters. I personally love you guys, Jason included. The reason I subscribed, was because of Jason. So don’t listen to the haters. You are such an amazing person. You are so young, yet so mature. Keep it up. You have a good life ahead of you.

  9. Fuechsin111 says:

    Amazing. I really like Jason.
    Nevertheless, I believe that female-female platonic friendships are healthier than close platonic male-female friendships. I had very close platonic friendships (almost like brother/sister) with one or two men in my life, and other also close but not as close platonic friendships with other men. Today (I’m 41 now) I think, this wasn’t a healthy thing for me nor for the men, because of my then wrong concept of men/women relationships – too complicated for a comment

  10. NinaLuvsFriedChicken says:

    your broadcasting yourself on youtube so expect haters etc sorry if that offends,yes haters are uncalled for but thats the way the cookie crumbles! i used to love your vids,watching you day n day out with your weightloss etc but your videos have become pointless…i shall listen to ur advice and stop watching..unsubbed!

  11. silvermags1 says:

    I like this vid a lot. I think chaos (especially in the life of someone who is usually so organized) is often a super good thing. A sign that much more is changing below the surface of things and that the course of your life has taken a turn you didn’t really expect. Its exciting because so much good surprising shit often comes from weird / crazy times. Life is so awesome.

  12. missmiaow2009 says:

    Ah bless you Shanti

    I think you are beautiful, inside and out. Something very special. A genuine person, not a wannabe like others on utube

    Keep being you

    My love and support

  13. justjonanee says:

    he shouldn’t go away. you both are great

  14. diamoni23 says:

    i love jason he is awesome you guys rock

  15. brate8033 says:

    Amen sister!
    I fucking love you and Jason you too have made my journey so much better!
    He is so worth watching the video, and I thought it was funny
    you stick up for you guys he is an amazing person and you to have gotten so far, and i am so proud of you
    and I never want either of you to go away!

  16. PAPSCAL1973 says:

    Please get a thicker skin and grow up!!! Who gives a flying FUCK what other people think… They dont have a bearing on your life if it mattered or effected your lives LIFE would Fucking SUCK… Do your things I enjoy it… I also enjoy poking fun so be prepaired…

  17. I was also wondering were all the ill will toward Jason was coming from. In Jamaica we call that sort of behaviour “bad mind”, its not really hate, its more extreme jealousy and/or the need to pass unnecessarily negative criticism of someone. If many of those persons who feel the need to make nasty comments about vids were to release some of that negativity within they might actually be able to appreciate a light hearted video of 2 friends.

    The ring thing is uberdeep


    I agree with you… have gone MAD! I also agree; Jason is going no where….we love Jason. The complainers are idiots! Hey what is the #56 about on your fridge?? I think you need to get a new favorite tank top. That one is getting big on you. Love you guys!

  19. PippaLopps says:

    Jason is awesome and I think both of you are a great team! The way you two play off of one another is so much fun. It reminds of me how my bff and I are. It’s sad when people have to bash others. Easy to make snide comments behind their computers…. it’s just the way it is. I hope Jason wont take the comments personal and will still be part of your vids!


  20. Starpluslover says:

    haha suck it up ppl shanti wont take any crap esp for jason

    goo jason n shanti =]

  21. lolgurl86 says:

    i like jason hes cool and funny who would hate ?

  22. Marlaine83 says:

    you should always feel like you have the right to share whatever you want in your videos. makes me said so many people are criticizing you for jason. the wlc loves our tbosbone! at least i do….!!!!

    keep doing what you are doing.

  23. MizzHappyPants says:

    OMG I think some of the hate comments come from people who dont no what true friendship is or truly means to some people I adore your relainship with Jason I think you to are funny, smart, and very real I could only wish to have such a beautiful friendship I truly can say what a true friend you are to really let people no you wont stand for there jugement about your friend good for you and Thank God you 2 have each other Much love to you both 🙂

  24. tbossbone says:

    This is good feedback — I’ll keep this in mind… I never realized that I did that, honestly.

    I’ll try to not do this in the future… because afterall, for every use of that word, there’s a more intelligent choice to be made, and I shall be working on that… please give the show another chance.

    ((I make no promises for what we filmed this week, but next week I will watch it… and reference it on Monday)))

    Thank you for bringing this up.

    ~ Jason

  25. AllyLouiseWeightloss says:

    How could people not love Jason?
    He is so adorable!! 🙂

    …I can’t comprehend some people….

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