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  1. KINGABYSS111 says:

    i just started shopping at whole foods markets and eating organic a couple months ago and i already see a change.

  2. SwishClavin says:

    Shes’ At It Again! =)

  3. kleam1337 says:

    Natalie, you are so hot. I’m so glad I’ve listened to your advice. So far I have lost 80 lbs, and I’m working on losing 20 more.

    thanks babe!

  4. keyju2010 says:

    I wanted to add one important thing. Whole foods are better for human and planet health! So, what we’re waiting for?

  5. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  6. AMAZING!!!!
    thanx so much Natalie yur videos are so great and yur so encourageing

  7. Great vids, I was wondering what’s your take on Multi-V’s ?

  8. 13animelover13 says:

    Sometimes in those foods there are things added, but if when you read the ingredients there’s pretty much nothing artificial, it will still benefit you.
    (There could be other reasons why not other then chemicals/added stuff that I don’t know of)

  9. BonesAreUgly says:

    Great vid – NO DISTURBING MUSIC! 😀 thanks, helps me hear!

  10. iMitotropin says:

    amazing info

  11. MaximusNLS says:

    the video views need to be in the millions, more people need to watch and learn these tips.

  12. tEeveEiSSmYyLyfx3 says:

    omg; i love your videos
    it has really helped me pick out the correct foods to eat!

  13. guruchief says:

    Thank you for posting.

  14. This video is very helpful. It’s so sad that there is so much obesity in America. I bet a lot of people who watched this couldn’t care less and will keep going to McDonalds every day or every other day. It’s almost depressing.

    By the way, why not canned/frozen vegetables? I thought it doesn’t make a difference besides maybe a little less taste.

  15. This was very inspirational and uplifting, I may incorporate some of this into my fitness competion

    Thanks for this

  16. rodicahan says:

    Natalie i saw the documentary “Super Size Me” and there was mentioned that high fat food contribute to the bad performing in sexlife. Could you pls make a video about food affecting sexlife?

  17. tatkonerez says:


  18. psychetruth says:

    Just visit her website to contact her. Google “nutitionbynatalie”

  19. a2r1v1i2s says:

    nice background… where the hell is she supposed to be. And how much is it to be a “client?” Does she charge by the hour? and do we go to her house or do i have to pay for a hotel room as well?

  20. scary math

  21. dominicanville says:

    Funny I would say your response applies more to you then it does to me…

  22. your fine =D

  23. kingsize566 says:

    I laugh at your name calling. If you can’t be bothered to think of anything intelligent to say, maybe its better you don’t say anything.

  24. naivete2006 says:

    You are GORGEOUS!

  25. dominicanville says:

    You’re an idiot man

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