High Fiber Foods – Healthy Weight Loss

Naturopathic Doctors strongly suggest that we increase roughage (fiber) in our diets. The latest holistic medical research suggests the high incidence of heart disease, diabetes, bowel disease, hernia and diverticulitis in western countries on a lack of dietary fiber in the diet. How much dietary fiber are you consuming on a daily basis? Americans usually avoid high fiber diets because of a concern that it will increase gas levels and bloating. As a matter of fact eating fiber will help the …

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  1. All true except the part about fiber supposedly decreasing calorie absorption. That is not true.

    What is true, is that fiber ITSELF cannot be used as calories by our body because our digestive tract lacks the enzymes to process it.

  2. creative36 says:

    Fiber makes shitting feel great! I love shitting.

  3. darpachief says:

    mother nature my ass.

  4. goldlmine007 says:

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  5. jkullander says:

    Yes! Absolutely true! Learn how to get 12.5grams of FIBER from one health beverage that tastes like a citrus soda! NUVITAE(.COM) / DRINK2YOURHEALTH

  6. jelloofhell says:

    no way my mom is chinese she eats rice,crack seeds,eat peanut and eat like a orange day but she was so constipated that she got hemroids

  7. Zombiesaurus666 says:

    fat bastards

  8. increasing fiber has changed my life.. i always had stomache cramps in the morning.. never could find out why

    increased fiber and never have the issue again.. fiber and coffee.. that’ll clean you right out!

  9. ilovenalts3 says:

    how did you loose 20 lbs in 3 weeks?! I want to do that!

  10. animefreak5219 says:

    i love her!

  11. hnraghava says:

    my colon’s regards as well

  12. empemitheos says:

    WooOOOoo!! My colon respects this woman!

  13. This was very inspirational and uplifting, I may incorporate some of this into my fitness competion

    Thanks for this

  14. Done.

  15. CtecAstronomyTMS says:

    oh my god

  16. This woman turns me on.

  17. tigranolya says:

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  18. BrettsViews says:

    Be wary of what you’re told people. Diets can be harmful. It’s possible to eat fats & still maintain a body weight. Fats are like oxygen, you can’t live without (some of) them. See my video

  19. everyfoodfits says:

    The US dietary guidelines recommend 20-35 g of fiber/day….not at least 35!
    And there is no evidence that increasing soluble fibe will decrease kilocalorie absorption

  20. getsrealnow says:

    most doctor&pharecist no little to nothing about fiber.

  21. nizammajid says:

    i totally agree…it helps u to feel good! i hav been taking metamucil for years now. i hav IBS so i need fibre to regulate my bowel movement….if u dont hav IBS or constipation u might see this info useless

  22. nirvgardengod says:

    cheerios are very underrated

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