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  1. sheilajacky says:

    Geweldige video’s. Thanks esther

  2. madwhu123 says:

    Esther …good job and good work!

  3. 7rumana86 says:

    Your videoes are excellent.Can you please do some yoga for early stages of pregnancy.Thanx

  4. chrisspitzman says:

    I have been looking for this sequence for a long time. It burns calories like nothing else ! Thanks esther !

  5. awryt thnx!

  6. Aw… You’re so SWEET! God Bless. 😀

  7. It is OK to bend your knees.
    Have a look at my “Yoga for hamstrings ”


  8. my hands aint reaching the ground plzz help..

  9. LurkingCrassZero says:

    Hope I don’t sound patronising, but really, you seriously do not need to lose any weight, especialy for your height. Tone up, lose fat & gain muscle, but stay the same weight at the very least. Do not be losing any weight. Also, at your age your still growing/filling out etc.

  10. thank you!

  11. brookebby17 says:

    im not positive but im pretty sure that the most beneficial thing in that regard would be that yoga can help tone your muscles.and all cardio helps you burn calories :] ?

  12. brookebby17 says:

    there is deffinately an add for a big mac going while your talking about weight loss,hahaha ironic?

  13. susanamasiel says:

    Rally really good, i’m already trying xD i’m 5 foot 10″ high and 100 pounds i want to lose 12 pounds :l I’m 16 years old xD
    I’m from Peru

  14. really good, cant wait to try it. hope to lose some weight.

  15. LurkingCrassZero says:

    Would Yoga really make a huge impact on weight loss? It doesn’t seem like the most aerobic of exercises.
    Are these moves specifically selected because they are the most aerobic Yoga exercises you can do?

  16. xxXsantaXxx says:

    This is really great!!!
    I’ll try…hope that’ll help loose some weight!!
    Good video so I rate with 5 stars!

  17. okey..this is effective^^
    I was out of breathe too doing this^^

  18. SuzieLady says:

    I am going to give this a go 😉 I would like to feel flexible again..thank you loads Esther x

  19. enchant97 says:

    I just start doing yoga a couple of days ago. My body feels much better. However, my right knee hurts when Ibend it. Could you make some video for sore knee? Thanks.

  20. one of the best yoga
    i really enjoy it. thanks a lot.

  21. edifierlenovo2000 says:

    i enjoy these yoga workouts…it really works & gives a great feeling afterwards.

  22. Lilkahlen says:

    The steps are easy to follow, and the inhaling exhaling has been made very clear.Thanx, Esther.

  23. tarenga1957 says:

    you can repeat the video three, six or ten times, three times a week, daily or twice a day. this is up to you

  24. repeating the sequence six times— does that mean the video six times or three times, since the sequence is done twice in each video?

  25. Your amazing<3 Already after 4 days i feel much better. Almoust think my belly is getting firmer:O 🙂 Thank you<3

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