Popular Weight Loss Diet Program – Find Out About the #1 Online Diet Program in 2009!

Find out today about the most popular weight loss diet program around? Today I will discuss with you the #1 online diet program in 2009 which is not only successful and effective but also the safest and best way to lose weight as I’ll explain.

Why This Special Diet is Different & Better than The Rest!

You’ll probably well aware of low calorie diets and what they consist of, if no I’ll briefly describe their mechanics. Essentially low calorie diets have the individual eating fewer calories (food) throughout the day, this causes the body to starve for calories and forces the body to use up fat stores as energy. What’s wrong with this picture? Starving the body isn’t healthy! It’s funny that so many people continue with these diets when they’re so far from good for you it isn’t funny!

Ask yourself this would you rather starve to lose weight and risk putting on even more when you stop? Or would you rather target the cause of weight gain and impaired weight loss?

How This Diet Works!

It’s known as the calorie shifting diet and it has well over 1 million people find success on it last year. It’s completely different from all other diets on the market as its sole focus is not on avoiding food but embracing it so that your body can better tolerate and use calories as energy. It gets right to the root by boosting your metabolism from food. Best of all most people who try calorie shifting not only quickly reach their weight loss goal but they also continue losing weight for weeks afterwards! The reason being that calorie shifting changes the way your metabolism works so it’s much more active and this effect remains even after you finish the program!

Calorie shifting is the best weight loss system in the world, if for no other reason than that it’s the proper way to lose weight. Burning calories from eating food instead of avoiding food and starving the body which is un-natural and unhealthy!

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