How to preserve muscle mass during Marine bootcamp?

I have been doing heavy-lifting (along side a lot of pullups, pushups and 3 mile runs). My PFT test scores are really good, but, during bootcamp I am not going to be able to regular weight-lifting, which means I’ll lose alot of mass during the 3 months of boot camp.

What is th ebest way to preserve muscle during bootcamp? Advice from wight-lifting Marines/military members is especially appreciated.

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  1. You will be given a personal hour during BCT to do all you need to do. Such as letters home, lifting, ect. You will have a chance to lift weights. If you can't make it to the weight room, push ups, sit ups, and running in place are you're best bet. But you will be trained very hard during boot camp, so you'll sustain muscle mass any way. Don't forget that you are being transformed into a U.S. Marine.

  2. Eat more than your share.

  3. sensible_man says:

    You will do enough physical training that you won’t lose much, if any.

  4. krissy7490 says:

    From my understanding of Marine Corps boot camp, you’re not going to be worried about losing muscle mass. Worry more about just getting through boot camp!

  5. sanoe2lake says:

    its impossible. you wont be able to lift weights. well we had a curling bar in our “whiskey locker” but theres only so many variations you can do with that…

    no matter how much you eat the fast in the paced environment you will shed to many calories…

    youll just have to wait until you get to the fleet to put all the mass back on.

  6. This is a good news bad news subject.

    You will loose mass. You cannot avoid it and you already know that!

    I am guessing that you will not have any access to a gym during boot. If you do you can slow the shrinkage.

    Use your body weight as much as you can. Push ups done slow can work the chest, inner bicep and triceps. Use the bunk to lean on with your hands towards you to get the outer bicep. You will have to do more reps, do them slow until you get the burn. Same with the legs, just do the squats slow to burn the hamstring on the way down. Toe raise on the end of the bunk for the calf's. Call it a half breed isometric workout.

    I got hurt once years ago after getting large for the 3rd time. Came down hard off the bike, pulled lats I did not know I had keeping my face out of the gravel. I could not do anything and shrunk so much in 3 weeks that I was asked if I was sick.

    Watch the diet to. YOU will want to stay away from the greasy stuff and breads even with all the other workout you will get during the day. No sense adding to the lose with fat and bad carbs.

    Be creative and if anyone gives you grief hold their hand like it is a 250 lb bar coming off the floor….smile as they fall to the floor in pain.

    PS: It comes back quicker the 2nd time. Muscle memory is not a myth!

  7. sgtpepper says:

    You will more than likely lose muscle mass during basic. You will not be able to lift weights during basic. You can resume your routine once you get to your A school or duty station, it’s only 13 weeks. Good luck

  8. You’ll keep your muscle mass if you eat all of your meals, and perform the PT everyday. Trust me, you’ll be struggling enough just trying to make it through boot camp, much less worry about your muscle mass. Congrats on joining the best!

  9. SSgt/USMC says:

    I knew a guy that was ripped! when he got to bootcamp, but he lost alot of muscle mass but gained endurance. You may have to make up for it afterwward, and trust me, you will plenty of time after boot camp to go to the FREE gym on base during your lunch time or after work. No need to worry, I would concentrate on just making it through bootcamp, worry about muscle mass afterward.

  10. celebrate_me_home_2000 says:

    You will be hungry. You will probably eat anything they give you, will be thankful and will eat it as fast as you can. Everything you have in your head at the moment will not matter for 3 months.

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