What colleges have no application fee or supplement essays for the Common App?

I’m going to be applying to colleges starting in sept and i was wondering which colleges you guys know of that require no application fee or supplement essays.

Either no supplement essay or no application fee is fine, but both would be better.

I live in Long Island, New York and im a female, if that helps.

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  1. sun shine 29 says:

    I applied to almost 20 colleges.. and I used the Common App. for a lot of them. Unfortunately, they all required essays. But here are some schools that have no application fee:

    –University of Scranton
    — Hobart and William Smith Colleges
    — St. John’s University
    — Lynchburg College

  2. Female helps. Wellesley doesn’t charge if you apply online. Beyond that, I would hardly consider any of the schools on the list.

    If you send in letters explaining some financial circumstance that impedes from paying the app fee, they’ll probably let you off the hook. And Questbridge (questbridge.org) finalists get fee waivers at partner schools. Check it.

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