What are some supplements to take for health when working a night shift?

I have been working the night audit shift for about six months now and have gained weight, despite NO change in diet. I do NOT get a full 8 hours sleep each day, usually sleeping three to four hours a day. What are some natural supplements I can take to help bring that back under control?

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  1. Claudia P says:

    Unfortunately when you work the night shift not only don’t you get the sleep you need but you do gain weight. I have had to go on a 1200 calorie diet and do alot of working out. I have started to lose wieght but it isn’t easy. If you can afford it go to a gym.
    I have to have my other knee replaced and I need to lose the weight.I know that I spend more time trying to sleep than I do sleeping.Now I start to work in the yard.
    I use stress tabs and b 12 that gives me energy and is helping out so that I can feel better and lose weight.I also bought the book "The Glycemic Diet".It tells you what to eat and tells you why you should use one thing over another.Also eat small meals and eat about 5 times a day. Salad is great. Good luck.

  2. None, your body got used to that so you should try to get 8 hours of sleep and not to work night shift if that helps

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