What are good supplements for a 12 year old boy with diabetes to take?

My son is a type 1 diabetic and I wondered if there were good supplements to take to help regulate his blood sugars? Since he’s going through puberty, his sugars are erratic.

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  1. Jessica M says:

    The only thing that can really help your son is if you get him to see a nutritionist to figure out exactly what he needs.

    The best thing I think for him to do is eat a banana every day or something rich in potassium considering diabetic ketoacidosis which is something you really need to know about. If you give your son a daily multivitamin and an Omega-3 oil capsule with a meal it would do him well. Also if you find that he is lethargic from his diabetes than a B-complex vitamin can boost his energy.

    I only say this because I live with a diabetic and have researched it for years. You should definitely have your son see a nutritionist though.

    Take care.

  2. Your son should not need supplements if his meals are healthy, well balanced and contain the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals however you may want to consider having some blood work done to see if he is deficient in any way.

    As for his blood sugars being erratic, going through puberty causes his hormones to change on a irregular basis this may be the cause of his blood sugars not being more level and consistent.

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