What is the difference between supplements and steroids?Are supplements safe??

I've read a lot both on the internet and the newspaper that steroids are harmful for health and could cause you heart attacks at later stages.My gym trainer tells me that supplements are safe..and very safe infact.So whtz the difference between supplements and steroids?Am 17 yrs old and can i use supplements?

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  1. Food- SUPPLIMENTS are vitamin and mineral based and are good for health.
    Steroids are harmful and affects the bodY and it's functions
    That is why athlets are banned to take steroid

  2. Harsh...! says:

    supplements are multivitamin tonics… these are safe…

    steroids are life saving drugs… and are dangerous if administered for other purposes…

  3. care_for_all_people says:

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  4. steroids may ensure quick cure for certain emergencies and are most harmful for long tern use. should be prescribed by an expert/super specialist only.

    whereas food supplements are 100% safe and helpful for good metabolism and overall immunity/resistance power against disease
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