Why Most Diets Are Not Sustainable For The Long Term

Why Most Diets Are Not Sustainable For The Long Term

As much as you may try to convince yourself that you will really “do it” this time and follow through on your new diet, deep down you know very well things will end up just like last time. You find a new and interesting diet that claims fast results which very well could be true. The trick is you actually have to follow it, not only for a few weeks but forever. If everyone followed their new strict diet and never “cheated” sure you could lose weight, but will you keep it off? Do you really think you will continue this diet for the rest of your life?

Find Out How To: Lose Weight Dieting Only 3 Days a Week

The honest answer is no. If you love food, especially junk food, there is very little chance that your taste buds will change in the future. Most people will say that if you eat junk food regularly you are considered as someone with lack of willpower, but the truth is that if you enjoy french fries, cheese burgers and cake once in a while, you are a actually a regular person! No one is willing to give up the delicious taste of these foods in order to get their dream body. Look around you for the proof. Everyone has gone on a diet at least once in their lives and it wasn’t before long their regular eating habits came back. Eating celery sticks and salads for the rest of your life is not sustainable, no one except crazed people can do it!

Learn About Partial Dieting: The New Diet Method

The only way you can truly lose weight is to go on a diet that you can actually follow forever. The diet can’t be too restrictive and has to give you enough freedom so that you don’t feel like your diet is imprisoning you. Being overly restrictive will also lead to an unhealthy cycle of binging and guilt. You should be able to go out with your friends and eat like a normal person. No one wants to be the outcast in the group who doesn’t eat because they are on a strict diet. It isn’t any fun and takes the joy and spontaneity out of life.

There is a new diet out called the “Every Other Day Diet” which looks like the only life long sustainable diet available. Just like the name implies, this diet follows a unique method of eating a special fat burning diet one day and then rotate the next day with all the junk food you love: chocolate, pasta, fries and even cake is allowed. It is designed to break that “love-hate” relationship most people have with food and teaches you how to embrace food as an ally and a path to get where you want to go.

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The Every Other Day Diet is an easy to follow diet perfect for people who love to eat junk food and have a hard time eating healthy. It is one of the least restrictive diets available and only requires you to diet 3 Days A Week. It uses a new dieting method called “partial dieting” that delivers long term weight loss so you don’t ever have to worry about gaining the weight back.

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