Weight Loss Success Story: How I Lost 55 Pounds for Good

READ HER FULL STORY HERE: www.sparkpeople.com SparkPeople member Leah shares her weight-loss story in her own words. Get your 100% free, personalized weight loss and fitness plan at www.SparkPeople.com, the world’s largest and fastest-growing healthy living community!

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  1. wOw! Great job!

  2. 17BleedBlackNGold33 says:

    UNREAL!!!! Im so happy for you hunn! Congratssss! You are truly an inspiration.

  3. wow you look awesome! my page on SP is ajiotal

  4. hi! congrads and i lost 30 pounds with sparkpeople!! my page is äjiotal”check it out!

  5. justmelez says:

    OMG that is so great GREAT JOB !!!

  6. billiew164 says:

    wow… what a great job!!!

  7. dietcokelovah says:

    I’m a Spark Teen, looking to lose 50 pounds. (I’m halfway there, after dropping 25 since November!) Your story really touches my heart and I hope to have a success like yours. :]

  8. NappyBeauty says:

    Great job!!

  9. talentednita says:

    great job…as we all know losing weight is not easy! God Bless u ; – )

  10. ErinHuggins says:

    Great Work on that weight loss. You inspired me! Keep it up! Cheers, Erin

  11. congrats. your an insprinration xoxo

  12. lisadanielsonmusic says:

    great job! you look fabulous!!

  13. leoinemoon2889 says:

    how long did u take to lose that weight

  14. Sailormoon2287 says:

    Your so beauitful, even at your heaviest, your still just extremly pretty, but congrats on loosing the weightand now being Beauitful AND healthy!!!

    I am using Spark people as well, For one month. I’ve lost about 5 -10 pounds 🙂 It really helps me keep track and stay motivated. I love that site and the people there are just amazing 🙂

    Great luck to you!

  15. postmark23 says:


  16. hihihihi985 says:


  17. amberlbrowning says:

    good job!

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