Weight Loss Q and A Episode 2 (Part 4)

Questions to be answered in ALL parts……. 1.What kind of prenatal vitamins do u take? 2.What do u think is the best way to get rid of my little stomach and love handles? i’ve been thinking seriously about giving up soda too. 3.How long did it take you to get to your size and how did you maintain? 4.Did you want to get down as small as you are now? 5.How often would you work out during the 1st 7mos of weight loss? 6.How would you go about gaining a few pounds in a healthy way? 7.Since I am …

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  1. MichaelLivesNMyHeart says:

    im adopted too!!

  2. destiny5104 says:

    I love your mind set and everything dang I almosted cry! THANKS for sharing everything!

  3. diva1love2fo3eva4 says:

    you should make a video of u working out. u know, show people what parts of your body u work out. like abbs

  4. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    Your hair is really nice what type of hair do you use and how many packs!

  5. tiffanytrimm says:

    u are such a inspiration i didnt think i was gonna be able to loss this 30 pounds until i watches this video…… now i know i can do it if i jus put in the work well thank u sooooooooooooooo much ur words help so much .

  6. tiffanytrimm says:

    man you look so good girl im a 24 yr old female i wasnt sure i could lose my 30 pounds i have to loss until i watched this video you sure are a inspiration to everybody…….. just wanna say thank u soooooooooooooooo much

  7. KissMyButtOk says:

    I am SO happy I found you! Your videos are so inspiration. I am on this weight-loss/lifestyle change journey and came across your videos and it has brought a huge smile on my face. I am definitely subscribing. You have no idea how you have motivated me, I thank God I found you, seriously lol. Take care and continue to be the beautiful person you are inside and out. Thanks for caring enough to share!

  8. ainjeleyes says:

    i can’t believe you were over 200lbs. you are and look awesome. truthfully seeing your videos was like multiple confirmations in 1. not knowing your also a vegan and your hair is natural. may god continue to bless you and keep up the good wk my sister. bless.

  9. hotfitbabe says:

    Lose Weight easily and natural ! Guaranteed results More info at my profile !

  10. hotfitbabe says:

    Nice vid 🙂 See my profile about how i lost 56 pounds in 4 months with free diet.

  11. beautiful2damax says:

    You my dear, are my inspiration:)

  12. TrueCoverGirl says:

    I knew you were from Jeff City or St Louis. i could here it in your accent. I live in TX but I’m from Mo. You are wonderful Girl. You got me and my husband crackin up. Keep doing you.

  13. moonlightkisu says:

    I think I love you.

  14. jperez2010 says:

    Hey its me again.. I need help with this, I am very goodlooking by face but i’m having a very hard time losing weight after I had my baby. I try so hard but what tips do you have to stop the cravings?

  15. reysgurl08 says:

    When I lost my weight (30 lbs)
    It was like I was reborn. I was a completely different person! I felt good and looked even better!

  16. meteachu01 says:

    A statement you made that I will remember “the benefits I gave myself” . Love this statement because developing healthy habits do pay benefits!!!!

  17. dietweight91 says:

    what the hacka good insparition for everyone (l):d

  18. ebonee1509 says:

    ur an inspiration xxx

  19. ExoticHills21 says:

    you are flyyy chick. love your eye shadow too.

  20. KyeeMitchell says:


  21. Blackjesus3 says:


  22. ArailyusW says:

    I want to know what are your thoughts on using a cleasing/detox as a jumpstart to losing weight?

  23. Do you wear other makeup other than on your eyes?

  24. mboyd3550 says:

    Your the best! I am moved… Yes you are the REAL and I LOVE You for it! Wonderful!

  25. Your outfit does look cute. I’m soo happy for you. that’s what life should feel like.

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