How to decrease muscle mass in calves?

i am 5′ 6" 140 pounds and my calves have very large amounts of muscle, which look funny considering my thighs are smaller than them. and no i do not want to increase the muscle mass in my thighs. HELP PLEASE!

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  1. American Splendor says:

    Spot reduction of muscle mass is virtually impossible. I won’t say impossible, because someone, somewhere may have an arcane formula for doing it. But as hard as spot reduction of fat is, spot reduction of muscle mass is many times harder. You can "spot reduce" fatty areas with targeted exercise regimens. But you cannot exercise away muscle mass. And giving one area a rest will give all areas a rest, i.e., you will wind up with reduced muscle mass in your pecs and upper arms, and neck, etc. Not a good thing.

  2. Perpetrator says:

    The only way to decrease muscle mass is astrophy i.e. just not using them. You should try to get larger thighs.

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