Better Health And Lower Costs Through Preventive Care

Preventive care is one of the hottest topics in the medical field these days, as doctors and hospitals seek new methods for holding down costs. This type of medicine long ago gained notoriety as an effective way to limit the incidence rate of many common diseases. What is new is the focus on using these medical techniques to slow the growth of medical costs.

Defining the strategy

The concept is easy to understand, if not always easy to implement. It is basically a medical strategy that is designed to prevent injuries and disease by focusing on lifestyle changes, preemptive examinations, and even immunizations. The goal is to avoid health concerns rather than waiting to treat them after they occur.

There is widespread agreement that most diseases can be prevented with the right lifestyle choices. Conditions like high cholesterol and blood pressure, lung cancer, obesity, and many others can be avoided when the right lifestyle decisions have been made by individuals. Even public concerns like lack of nutrition and substance abuse can be better managed through prevention strategies.

The process is simple

At the primary level of this medical prevention are those techniques and strategies utilized to avoid disease development. These techniques involve educating the populace about certain avoidable risks, as well as providing access to immunizations that can reduce disease and illness.

With these methods, patients receive education about better dieting techniques, the right types of exercises to do, and how to avoid alcohol and drugs. At the same time, they receive ongoing immunizations as they become available. These techniques, when used properly, can help patients to enjoy a higher quality of life at far less cost than other forms of medical treatment would require.

On the next level of prevention are the techniques used to identify disease early and treat it before it becomes a major concern. The techniques used on this level include cancer screenings and similar examinations that enable doctors to quickly diagnose any potential problems. Most doctors also have selective prevention techniques that they utilize when dealing with specific high risk categories of individuals. There are also techniques used to limit the harm caused by existing conditions.

This medical strategy’s focus on immunizations, examinations, and crucial lifestyle alterations has made it an effective way to provide patients with the information they need to avoid many diseases and medical conditions. As a result of the focus on prevention and early treatment, preventive care is proving itself to be a superior option for patients who want to live a healthy life.

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