Watch the officail SHAYLOSS music video! www.youtube.com IF you want to enter the contest send me a before VIDEO and your name to [email protected] put SHAYLOSS CONTEST as the e-mail title. I will take VIDEOS from now till January 1st The contest will end the last day of March and I will need all after VIDEOS e-mailed to me NO LATTER than April 2. Think about how you take your before VIDEO. You really want to be able to see a big difference from your after VIDEO. My Twitter http YOU …

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  1. princev11 says:

    wow in the beginning ive never seen him move that much lmao

  2. cuzinjojo82 says:

    Jan 1st he’s shaving it. Subscribe, watch, and learn!

  3. jordansayspanic says:

    he’d probably lose like 20lbs if he’d just shave his beard…

  4. Alexandria1219 says:

    im in all the way 🙂

  5. i dont think he makes 500k a year

  6. cutieXDpatootie says:

    LOL xD

  7. boredtodelusion says:

    “Billy! Why are you standing in front of a camera half naked!!?? What are you doing??”
    “Th-the bearded old man on the Internet told me he’d give me $500 if I sent him a video of myself!”

  8. chucknorrisrox126 says:


  9. MaoriWarlord says:

    Im in… YES!!!!

  10. cannabisbisbisbisbis says:

    thats it only 500? you make 500k a year thought you could put up maybe 5000 or 10,000

  11. Insanely awesome idea. I’m in!

  12. StevieCalderoni602 says:

    `~Miley Cyruss secks on tape! WowMiley DT COM_

  13. yetter100 says:


    no sign-ups

    You get all HBO, Showtime, and pay-per-view channels 100% free plus 1650 other channels free including XXX adult channels

    there are tons of other shows like Entourage, Supernatural, Weeds, Gossip Girl,and all sports literally everything you might want to watch.

    Hope you enjoy all the shows 100% free


  14. Delkolovr2 says:

    He looks thinner in the face

  15. Delkolovr2 says:

    I’m going to be SO honest with you..you look thinner and your gonna look smokin’ with out that rat on your face!haha

  16. strangemily13 says:

    i love how you have an apple in your hand the whole time from the begining

  17. Naruto1fanforever says:

    I just KNEW iT! I knew you where gonna Take a chunk out of that apple lol. Hope ShayLoss prospers.

  18. bajshuvve1 says:


  19. vivalageorge5 says:

    me too

  20. Yourveryking says:

    That’s bad, I mean some people might go crazy for this and lose A LOT of weight in just 3 months and it could really screw up your organs and how your body functions. Check out Shane Dawson, he just came out of surgery… just something to think about.

  21. Shay, Merry Christmas! Hope you have an amazing holiday season… Just wanna say thanks to you, Charles Trippy and SXEPhil for inspiring me to start MY OWN VLOG. If it weren’t for you guy’s I’d have never started. Thanks! Merry XMAS!

  22. dhalbritton91 says:

    Shay what if we want to do the contest but don’t have a video camera to record videos with?

  23. BakerDesigns says:

    you have the perfect santa beard dye it white and make a christmas video !!!

  24. Savager999 says:

    Balls Itch at 5:13

  25. goonerlucas92 says:

    still fat though….

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