Supplements for healthy skin if you are a smoker?

I smoke and I’m not planning on giving up anytime soon. Does anyone know if therer is a supplement, type of vitamin or specific food that will help my skin stay nice?

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  1. nivea

  2. pollofabulous4927 says:

    Everyone I know that smokes ends up with nasty skin. Just give it up and stop your skin from aging!

  3. Vitamins D & E

  4. yes its called give up the horrid habit and sold in a bottle called will power. Good luck your skin is only going to improve if you give up the habit.

  5. you should take all of them, however the family of b vitamins are skin healthy, but again all of the vitamins are needed for overall skin health.

  6. thin_red_wine says:

    Determination and will power.. kick that nasty habit… and drink lots of water.. taht might help you get rehydrated a little

  7. multivitamins and moisturise regularly around the mouth.

  8. I also smoke and was told to take omega 3 and drink at least 2 litres of water. I have started this two weeks ago and I have seen some improvement but you should also make sure that you cleanse and moisturise before you go to bed. I have also got into aromatherapy and would be happy to send you some receipts for making up natural cleansers and moisturisers as I do believe that the bought creams and things have to many chemicals in them

  9. mee! mee! mee! says:

    best ever!….give up!

  10. flossybean says:

    In my experience, and having seen lots of mouths, smoking always gives you mouth like a cat’s bottom, so no vitamins will help that, bear in mind that smoking means you are at more risk of losing your teeth through gum disease too, no teeth = not very attractive. Try and give up!!

  11. As you are aware that smoking can have an adverse effect on your skin, I’m wondering why you are so keen to continue! Why do something that will so effectively promote premature ageing?

    If you do change your mind and want to give up the habit – good luck to you.

  12. Durian Lover says:

    A cigarette contains lots of harmful chemicals and you should know that smoking damages your body. Moreover, it lets you age faster although you will not see any immediate effect from the smoking. When compare to other people who doesn’t smoke, you probably will need different types of health food and health supplements, and at a higher intake. For a start, you may want to try protein and vitamin C……

  13. stopping smoking might help
    i know this isnt wat u wanna no but its the only thing i know
    yeah you said youre not planning on doing it but whatever plans can change

  14. tildypops says:

    nichotinel, plenty of water & no fags. I’ve not had a cig since the eve of the 24/10/06. purse feels loads better. 40 a day, down to nothing. can be done

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