Weight Loss Challenge for Skinny People! (FTS!)

Follow me on Twitter twitter.com This is inspired by my twitter saying I want to lose 5 pounds! I KNOW I don’t need to lose weight 🙂 Just being silly! I do not eat well. I do not exercise. I have no intention of starting. I read the Secret. Positive Thinking = Buck -5 pounds by Friday! LOL LOL LOL Happy Monday friends! Thanks for watching! Please rate/comment/fave! Thanks for subscribing!! xoxo Michael “Buck” youtube.com FTS = FOR THE SLIM! If you missed live show last night- Great stories …

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  1. mileyraycyrusfan657 says:

    Im 14 and way 99 and when im full I way 102 😀

  2. juschillinlikeavilan says:

    hahaa ur funny

  3. im 155 and 17

  4. sexylark72 says:

    i am 132 and i’m 19 i dnt like it

  5. theaterblogger15 says:

    i LOL’d @ 1:21…best line

  6. BroskiWest says:

    theres too much homo jammed into one video

  7. Nadinepiqen says:

    i wanna gain 10pounds O.O
    GIVE THEM TO ME ! -rofl-

  8. CullenJonasHSM says:

    ur not alone my friend

  9. i’m 160lbs and i’m only 13 o.O

  10. childre24 says:

    buck, you are hilarious! This had me cracking up! Hope your weight loss went good. (still catching up on videos) xo Liana

  11. pffff all i can say fagget fagget fagget..

  12. alexakachristian says:

    I love the excirsize OMG!
    YOur so funneh! I don’t think it’s bad to wanna look fit xD It’s what I’m trying to do right now yey!

  13. kittycatkat579 says:

    i think hes making fun of girls….. funny though

  14. xxgetlikemii says:

    haha i can do the Howdown Throwdown! i learnt it the 2nd day it came out 😛

  15. leebob20010 says:


  16. spricket24 says:

    I love this one! It’s just hilarious!

  17. stormslayer12 says:

    Plz read this cuz it acually works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.Put both of ur hands on ur chest
    2.Think of someone that u like……
    3.Tommorow that person will ask you out or say i love you.
    4.Heres the catch just send to 5 more video –

  18. mygoldcoin says:

    wee poof

  19. Bertonious says:

    You’re just upset cos the video doesn’t apply to you.

  20. 1.cover your mouth with your hand
    2.make a wish into it
    3.close your hand (make it into a fist)
    4.hold your hand to your heart for 5 seconds
    5.send this to 3 more videos
    6.tomorrow will be your best day ever

  21. daniel1tkd0 says:

    how in the world
    can you think
    edit and upload videos in all you accounts
    they are like above the 600 videos
    is amazing

  22. daniel1tkd0 says:

    dont you hear his uniqe voice?
    obviously yes

  23. panicfanatic10 says:


  24. I eat all the time, all sorts of junkfood and my tummy never changes! 🙂 always skinny and cute.

  25. handbrakemaster says:

    lol buck you are too skinny anyway hahaha … i do love you

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