Common Reasons for Dog Allergies

Allergies are starting to be more and more common with humans and dogs, particularly food and scent allergies. Can you prevent them? What are some clues your dog could be allergic to something?

Common dog allergy symptoms can include: Itchy, red, moist or scabs on the skin Scratching Ear infection Itchy, watery eyes Itchy back or base of tail (most commonly flea allergy) Itchy ears and ears infected Sneezing Throwing up Diarrhea Snoring caused by an inflamed throat Paw biting/licking/swollen paws Rubbing her face Constant licking

The most destructive of these is scratching, since your pet can sometimes even scratch herself raw, which can potentially lead to secondary infections, excessive shedding, and hair loss.

What Can Dogs Be Allergic To? Tree, grass and weed pollen Cleaning supplies Prescription medication Dust mites Mold spores Dander Feathers Rubber and plastic materials Cigarette smoke Food products Fleas and flea-control products Perfumes Fabrics Shampoo products

How to Tell What Your Dog is Allergic to – Are your dogs allergies seasonal or do the allergies for your dog seem to happen all year round? If the symptoms are all year round, one thing you can try to do is to switch out your dog’s food. The most noticeable symptoms for dog food allergies are licking, scratching, and different types of skin problems.

Have you recently made a change in your dogs routine since the allergy problems started? You may need to sort through the above allergy list one by one and possibly make changes until you have narrowed down the reason.

Remember, even though your dog could have the above issues, he may not have allergies. He may be suffering from any number of other medical conditions, such as fleas, worms, or hormonal disorders. Check with your veterinarian to be safe.

Is your dog having issues with dog allergies? Is your dog showing symptoms of an allergy problem?

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