Wed 01/13 WLL … Rewards – Losing the weight & getting healthy!

Sorry for the EXTREME lateness of this video – Technical issues 🙁 …. So How do YOU reward yourself for staying on track, sticking to plan and eating healthy? Follow me! YouTube: Twitter: ***** WEIGHTLOSSLOSERS Get involved. Get motivated. Get to GOAL! For WLL news, follow us on Twitter: See you next week! *****

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  1. What about being congratulated by others? Do you see this as a reward??? How do you balance what people say to you when you’re losing weight – or have lost weight? How do you think social reinforcement is good for bad?

  2. DearFat130 says:

    You are looking good!! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Melessalynn says:

    I really like this video. Your right. Rewarding bad food habits with food is not a good idea. And, I like how you say that in your balanced eating plan nothing is off limits. It’s about balance. It was just the wisdom I needed to hear today.

  4. lightasaheather says:

    That was a really cute intro! And the point you make is very well-said, why reward yourself with a bad food habit? I mean we get in trouble in school for cheating, so why would we get ourselves in trouble for a cheating with food! You rock, great vid 🙂

  5. Poolshrrrk says:

    You ‘re looking better with each new video. So motivating to see you progress. Keep up the good spirt. 🙂

  6. Lizislovely538 says:

    I completely agree. Rewarding good food choices with an occasional naughty food choice is, in my opinion, counter productive. But hey, to each his own. Great video Nicole.


  7. lornachapman1 says:

    im missing your personal channel videos 🙁 but you made some great points here, i always reward myself with food, so maybe i need a new perspective… xx

  8. fingerpaintsmile says:

    Love the beginning, bust out laughing 🙂 Great points.

  9. CutTheFat says:

    Nicole, I can’t WAIT to see your new videos on your personal channel. I love this video – I definitely reward myself with food. I need to change that! I do like though on WW that I have those flex points on days when I want something not “healthy” or “on plan” but again, nothing is off limits.

  10. abhishekh14 says:

    lol you seem skinnier every time i watch one of your vids!

  11. Jazziness69 says:

    YOU are soooo beautiful …i LOVE this video it is soooo TRUE..thanks for the vid..

  12. leraloses says:

    perfect video! the reward is you feeling absolutely awesome 🙂 can’t wait to see you progress more on your journey nicole 🙂

  13. lorettainny says:

    I love the addition of Nicole!

  14. Imskinnyinside says:

    LOL loved the intro!

  15. GREAT video! Also, Nicole, you look absolutely fabulous. Can definitely tell that you’re getting healthier, and most importantly, happier! You’re an inspiration.

  16. thelilyofthevalley5 says:

    I’m loving the Nicole too.. 🙂
    I do this.. I say i will give myself a cheat day and then it ends up cheat days..and before I know back to square one.
    Great video Nicole.

  17. beautyjuice17 says:

    totally agree!!! thank you for your video nicole

  18. tryingtoevolve3 says:

    haha nicole, i love you. “an even better reward…AN EVEN BETTER REWARD!!” i totally agree.
    i also agree about the cheating, i’m not cutting out foods that i love, i’m just not eating ridiculous amounts of them…and so far it’s been working.
    <3 keep it up!

  19. 14beads2goal says:

    haha the beginning of this video is so adorable!!! :o)

    I use to reward myself with food…’s like rewarding an alcoholic with liquor! haha!

    Love you Nicole!!! :o)

  20. mienchen07 says:

    Wise words! You rock, Nicole!

  21. metallivixen says:

    Yup.. my birthday turned into 3 months of bad eating and 6kg! back on track now.

  22. Ashley11021 says:

    ahh i so needed this video i was going to go out and “reward myself with pizza” now im not =) thank you thank you thank you

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