Wed 01/13 WLL … Rewards – Losing the weight & getting healthy!

Sorry for the EXTREME lateness of this video – Technical issues 🙁 …. So How do YOU reward yourself for staying on track, sticking to plan and eating healthy? Follow me! YouTube: Twitter: ***** WEIGHTLOSSLOSERS Get involved. Get motivated. Get to GOAL! For WLL news, follow us on Twitter: See you next week! *****

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  1. What about being congratulated by others? Do you see this as a reward??? How do you balance what people say to you when you’re losing weight – or have lost weight? How do you think social reinforcement is good for bad?

  2. I really like this video. Your right. Rewarding bad food habits with food is not a good idea. And, I like how you say that in your balanced eating plan nothing is off limits. It’s about balance. It was just the wisdom I needed to hear today.

  3. That was a really cute intro! And the point you make is very well-said, why reward yourself with a bad food habit? I mean we get in trouble in school for cheating, so why would we get ourselves in trouble for a cheating with food! You rock, great vid 🙂

  4. You ‘re looking better with each new video. So motivating to see you progress. Keep up the good spirt. 🙂

  5. I completely agree. Rewarding good food choices with an occasional naughty food choice is, in my opinion, counter productive. But hey, to each his own. Great video Nicole.


  6. im missing your personal channel videos 🙁 but you made some great points here, i always reward myself with food, so maybe i need a new perspective… xx

  7. Nicole, I can’t WAIT to see your new videos on your personal channel. I love this video – I definitely reward myself with food. I need to change that! I do like though on WW that I have those flex points on days when I want something not “healthy” or “on plan” but again, nothing is off limits.

  8. perfect video! the reward is you feeling absolutely awesome 🙂 can’t wait to see you progress more on your journey nicole 🙂

  9. GREAT video! Also, Nicole, you look absolutely fabulous. Can definitely tell that you’re getting healthier, and most importantly, happier! You’re an inspiration.

  10. I’m loving the Nicole too.. 🙂
    I do this.. I say i will give myself a cheat day and then it ends up cheat days..and before I know back to square one.
    Great video Nicole.

  11. haha nicole, i love you. “an even better reward…AN EVEN BETTER REWARD!!” i totally agree.
    i also agree about the cheating, i’m not cutting out foods that i love, i’m just not eating ridiculous amounts of them…and so far it’s been working.
    <3 keep it up!

  12. haha the beginning of this video is so adorable!!! :o)

    I use to reward myself with food…’s like rewarding an alcoholic with liquor! haha!

    Love you Nicole!!! :o)

  13. ahh i so needed this video i was going to go out and “reward myself with pizza” now im not =) thank you thank you thank you

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