Biceps Exercises: Concentration curl

specific biceps muscles may also include concentration curl exercise into their biceps workout. You can find breathing instructions with more info about concentration curl and more biceps exercises at our wellness portal: … “p4p en” “Biceps Exercises” “Concentration curl” “dumbbell exercises” biceps dumbbells exercises concentration curl strong “arms exercises” arm “muscle exercises” bodybuilding fitness gym sport training toning workout strength routine weight …

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  1. bacdafucup6 says:

    *” it isolates the biceps this way”, my bad..

  2. bacdafucup6 says:

    it’s almost impossible not to move your elbow or your shoulder especially when you do it with many kilos. So it’s better doing this exercise in an inclined bench. it isolated the biceps this, though isolation in training is recommended only if you wanna gain mass like bodybuilding. if you wanna lose weight work the whole body as a unit.

  3. 9CristianoRonaldo7 says:

    great 😀

  4. sadistxx666xx says:

    second comment! lol, awesome workouts, love your vids

  5. lincolnvelasquez says:


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