Treatment Can Be Used in CTS

For those who have carpal tunnel syndrome, some research has found that in some cases, chiropractic care can effectively treat the problem just as well as some forms of conservative care, including wearing splints at night or even taking NSAIDs on a regular basis. For those who happen to have repetitive stress injuries, research has also shown that there are great benefits to chiropractic medicine, and it can even help with healing, just as much as some of the allopathic medicine options available today.

Chiropractic treatment is based on the human body and the belief that the body’s form is developed for a certain function. It also holds that problems in many cases, other than in traumas, are caused by misshapen parts of the body or are a result of misusing that part of the body as well. This type of medicine specifically takes a look at the spine, since the nervous system conducts energy through the body, using the spine.

Quite a few carpal tunnel patients are beginning to look to chiropractic medicine for some relief. Many like this option because they don’t want to take drugs, they don’t want to have any surgery, and they don’t want to deal with immobilizers that can interfere with their life. Chiropractors are able to use other methods in order to treat problems with carpal tunnel.

Often manipulation is used in this type of medicine. It may include manipulation of the wrist, the arm, or even the spine of the patient. Spinal problems can actually relate to and even cause carpal tunnel. Sometimes making adjustments to the spinal column can be done with the hands to help, and often other types of tools are used, which are very safe.

Ultrasound therapy is often used for chiropractic treatment. Sonic waves are used with ultrasound. You can’t hear them, but they are used on a certain part of the body. They are able to penetrate deeply into the tissue and can help to get rid of inflammation, pain, and even provide relaxation to the muscles, promoting healing.

In some cases wrist supports are used by chiropractors for carpal tunnel patients. This keeps patients from moving the wrist and causing more inflammation and irritation to occur. Usually these supports are used during the night while people are asleep. This way the supports don’t interfere with hand function while they are working.

Another option that uses manipulation to help treat carpal tunnel is physical exercises. This option is very helpful as well and can definitely help to get rid of many of the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. It can even keep the problem from coming back. In some cases chiropractic treatment can be helpful, but it doesn’t always work for every person. Exercises are easily used and can really be helpful to just about everyone. It also can save on the expenses that come along with treatment from a chiropractor. So you may want to try out these exercises to prevent and treat problems with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treating carpal tunnel syndrome with surgery can be a mistake. Not only is invasive surgery costly and difficult to recover from, but in the case of this repetitive stress injury it’s often ineffective.A holistic alternative is massage and other related carpal tunnel exercises that can be performed right from one’s home, for free.

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