The American Lifeguards Groups: CPR/AED Professional Rescuer With First Aid Training

Acquiring a lifeguard certification may vary based on what process you’re about to join. While the ALA supplies the widest detail by detail information, we propose starting up with this one. Here are the specifications for the CPR/AED Professional Rescuer lifeguard education via the American Lifeguard Association if you want to acquire this type of training in Alabama. Now once you start the application here, it’s great that you can get started with and done at any time since there’s a self-study offered in ALA as well and that way you can train whenever you want to and when is that time that fits your schedule.

If you’re a first time lifeguard, you’d wish to study ALA’s lifeguard education program which you’ll access at your own and your network pool and get certified immediately (a few days). When you signed up, ALA will email you the key codes to go straight on the internet and take all necessary exams. Coaching kit contains CPR/AED (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator), and First Aid which is often accomplished over two weekends but it’s how you set time for you to finish it which will hasten your progress.

Specifications include: Need to be at least 15 years old (to work as pool lifeguard) or 16 years old or older (to work as beach lifeguard) as according to the US Labor Law; When you have finished reviewing the instruction materials, additional online coaching, and practice, sign an affidavit that acknowledges that you now have the knowledge and ability to demonstrate the skills you’ve learned; Afterwards, you may also need to take several online written exams from the process you’re signed up to then once accomplished, a printed temporary certification may be used at first but ALA will issue the CPR/AED First Aid card.

Additional information is as follows: The program can be utilized by facilities where only one to two individuals are should be trained; Individuals that believe that taking personal lifeguard instruction costs a lot more will save through this self-study course and can have the ability to read the materials for as long as they like repeatedly in comparison with hearing the lessons in a classroom;

Upon productive completion of the course, participants will then have a Lifeguard and First Aid certification (valid for 3 years) and a CPR for the Professional Rescuer with AED certification (valid for one year); Coaching fee is $325. To learn more, register online throughout the Global Lifeguards page and submit needed information in addition to ensure payment using any one of the three methods: PayPal, credit card or check payment systems.

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