Treat Sinus Infections the Natural Way

Allergies tend to be the major cause of many sinus infections. A sinus infection produces a lot of mucus and we have trouble getting rid of it. We get headaches and sinus pressure as it builds up. That is also when it gets infected.

One of the major concerns with treating patients with antibiotics all the time is developing drug resistant bugs. According to new research done on 2500 adults found that antibiotics did not speed up recovery.Recent research on 2500 adults shown that antibiotics didn’t aid in recovery speed. Using natural products to help the recovery was just as fast recovering as with the use of antibiotics.

This include those that had the worst case of green mucus. They also recovered just as fast as those taking antibiotics. Most sinus infections are caused by viruses and antibiotics are worthless when used to treat a virus.

Most doctors recommend that you should stay away from antibiotics unless you are experiencing multiple symptoms. Some of the multiple symptoms you may have are headache, pressure, pus, and also a high grade fever. So, it is advised not to go to the doctor unless you are experiencing multiple symptom or unbearable pain.

There are some really helpful things you can do to speed up your recovery. You will get as much relief and heal just as quick as if you were on antibiotics. Start off with a decongestant to thin the mucus.

This will relieve the pressure you feel and clear up and get rid of much of the mucus. Make sure the decongestant doesn’t have multiple ingredient or formulations. You just want the full dose of mucus thinner and nothing else added.

Rinse sinuses 4 times a day. You can use a squeeze bottle that contains .5 teaspoon of salt and in 8 ounces of tap water. Find a comfortable spot to bend your head and spurt the solution in and let it run out.

You can buy the saline solution at the drug store if you want. You should also take a pain medicine such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Consult you doctor with any questions as every case is different and you doctor knows you best.

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