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This article exposes the #1 reason why many people’s efforts at weight loss fail.

Regardless of whether or not you spend a large sum or don’t spend a dime on your weight loss plan of choice, there is only one key to being successful: follow the instructions and stick with the program.

Chances are, you’re thinking that this is too simple or straightforward and maybe even a little bit of a cop-out for a doctor to tell you. But it’s true! The top cause for weight loss failure is the inability to be loyal to a program.

Let’s look at this in greater depth to understand this in more detail. After all, if we understand it, we can work to overcome it.

Start at the beginning, back before the additional weight was around. Back when you were your naturally-thin self.

Previously, before you carried any extra weight, things were different. Back then, your metabolism handled whatever you consumed. Your peer group and social network were probably also naturally-thin.

Over time, we cultivated habits that didn’t really correspond with our metabolic rate. The weight crept up on us, but in the end, we had to acknowledge that we were overweight!

The science of weight loss says that all we need to do is eat less and work out more, but it’s not really that simple.

Let’s be honest: change is tough. Change is even more difficult when we have to limit or stop doing certain things we take pleasure in (like consuming specific foods) and start doing things we don’t really like (like exercising).

Still, most of us know that we need to lose the excess weight in order to enhance our quality (or length!) of life. So we gather up a tremendous amount of willpower and get moving. So far, so good.

Tougher than starting on a weight loss plan is actually keeping with it. According to statistics, an appalling 98% of all diets and weight loss plans end within 72 hours ? so that Monday’s good goals are completely gone by the time Wednesday or Thursday gets here.

There’s an explanation as to why it’s so hard to continue with it ? our old habits and learned mannerisms aren’t so easily overruled. You may have heard that it takes 21 days to form a new routine ? but I’m telling you that un-learning an old habit or altering an established behavior is even harder.

Meaning, failure to alter an ingrained manner or practice is the number one reason for failing with a weight loss plan. Of course, let’s not discount the benefits of establishing new habits, but new rountines alone aren’t enough to experience successful weight loss.

With this knowledge, it comes as no surprise that even the most trandy and well-researched diet programs fail. Only if that plan can help you modify your existing poor routines and unhealthy manners, getting back to your naturally-thin self and actually staying there is no more than a marketing promise.

So what to do, and what’s my suggestion?

Before you devote your time, money, and energy into a new diet or weight loss program, think back to how that additional weight came to be. Consider the bad routines you developed and the family traditions that contributed to your weight gain. Now, look for a weight loss program that will help you modify your routines and behaviors instead of a program that will only affect your weight.

Your naturally-thin self is still there ? it’s just waiting for you to make some changes before it reveals itself again.

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