Top 7 Exercises For Getting Ripped (How To Burn Fat Now)

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  1. guzmancho says:

    Would it be better if you combine 2 and 3, doing Celan Press?

  2. BlackhawkFanatic says:

    Excellent video Vince. You are right on with your advice. It’s funny how people put ignorant comments, when you are only trying to help the less educated. Keep up the great work!

  3. abruellman32 says:

    nice i like the background music….keep bleeding keep keep bleeding

  4. killabigk says:

    maybe he didn’t notice, but he was resting more than he should in between exercises because he had to stop and explain the video.

  5. praveen27 says:

    Squats boost the testosterone in the body which burns fat and increases rapid muscle growth.
    People a nice tip hit lower body once a week. no excuses.

  6. praveen27 says:

    I agree..

  7. westboarder says:

    Where’s scientific proof of this? Sounds like complete broscience. When are at the top of the movement you are pining your elbow joint, thus putting resistance on your connective tissues.

  8. behind the neck is bad for the rotator cuff

  9. zackellard says:

    agree somewhat however to get the most out your tricep you must flex it as hard as possible at the top of the exercise

  10. controversyking says:

    uh…15″ arms are not small.

  11. stress on your tendons? that when your a fatass

  12. SteroidsR4Faggots says:


    Watch my newest video to see VinceDelMonte admit he uses STEROIDS!!

  13. westboarder says:

    It’s because he’s a fitness model and has no clue what he’s talking about. He says to lock out on dips, that’s going to put undue stress on your tendons

  14. he doesn’t squat with very much weight..

  15. I’m not a big fan of this guy, but I have to admit his bench press form is perfect. Don’t touch your chest during your bench, even beginners know that.

  16. rickalex21 says:

    Good video, I already do all this. He did not touch his chest on the bench press I think he was in a rush to do the video. This dude looks fit but not big enough, he has small arms like 15″ .

  17. search4unknown says:

    AHHHHH How did I know the 7th would be Squats! I HATE SQUATS!! lol There good though so I do them on every leg workout in one way or another.

  18. lol so im not alone in that

  19. vietguy808 says:

    ya …hes vids is the best ever

  20. vietguy808 says:

    I LOVE SQUATS….i used to hate them but the results is soooo worth it…it helps me be lean and gain muscle

  21. andropower says:

    of course add a little roids and u can get there in 6 weeks 😉

  22. andropower says:

    its definetly not all muscle. normal ANNUAL muscle gain ( with proper diet and exercise routine) is 5 to 15 pounds.

  23. zaqxswcdi says:

    you should do about 3-4 sets bro if your going for size and as far as reps for size id say about 5-8

  24. nibbles1420 says:

    On the strength of this, this is putting me off buying his material. Superficially, this looks good in his analysis of using compound exercises. HOWEVER, he patently executes several of these exercises in a manner that over time will likely injur him. Irresponsible, too, to encourage deadlift and squat particularly without someone qualified to oversea to observe your form. Mind you, he’s not as wreckless as some of the crossfitters (but that’s not saying much)

  25. brushfour says:

    Very good video! You see lots of bad info on some of the videos you see on Youtube, but this ain’t one of em’. This guy knows what he’s talking about. Good stuff!!!!!

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