There are lots of govt departments dedicated to shielding the North American taxpayer from crime

There is a special dep. called the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit which is devoted to finding and arresting firms or individuals who attempt to defraud the government and do some fraud and abuse in healthcare. Basically lots of the cases that are prosecuted by the MFCU regularly start with some information from a patient. So if any provider commends treatments or services that you may not feel are required then be on guard and be very scared.

Also as a patient, be terribly distrustful of any organization offering free tests, free medical products or free services in exchange for information contained on your Medicaid card. If you're a member of the family of a Medicaid patient who is in a care home, check that they are physically okay and also keep a close watch on the elder patient’s personal account and make sure everything is in order.

How Does One Report Medicaid Fraud?

The very first thing you need to do is to contact an attorney who understands the laws around Medicaid fraud. Once you’ve done this, you can contact the MFCU. In order for the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to take your claim further they're going to need some information as follows:

– The name of the Medicaid patient and the assigned Medicaid number
– What or who service administered the treatments and the alleged date/s
– A short description of the treatments
– The name and contact information of the medicare provider

Once you have this info, it makes things far simpler. The following step is to contact your country's Medicaid office. You want to find the ‘Program Integrity Division (PID) however it is worth noting that some states call this office a different name. In case of doubt, just look up Medicaid or social services and contact them direct. Ultimately give them all of the applicable information and they can look to take it from there.

The way in which the Qui Tam Law can help somebody in the case of medicaid fraud reporting? Read on the text of Lucilou Roughley about the fraud and abuse in healthcare.

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