New Year’s Promises “Less Table salt!

Are you having a difficult time sticking to all those New Year’s resolutions you set for yourself? One easy modification you might make in your lifestyle that can lead to a more fit life for this year and years to come is lessening the quantity of salt in your diet, and it is not too late to start – now!

Many of us consume too much table salt. Normally, we consume about 3500 mg each day. Table salt provides sodium which is an essential mineral to our survival. But the typical person takes in 20 times more than needed!

An overabundance of sodium can lead to fluid retention resulting in congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and inflamed feet and ankles (known as edema).

Doctors regularly suggest a low sodium diet for individuals with these conditions. A low sodium diet contains fewer than 1500 mg of sodium per day or less than one little spoon of table salt.

Where Does All of that Sodium Come From ?

A large source of sodium in our diet comes from cafes and packaged foods. Examples of high sodium foods include canned soups, pre-packaged frozen meals, lunch meats and chips. Fast foods account for more than 75% of our sodium intake. Although many feel they eat a low sodium diet because they don’t use the salt shaker, it basically accounts for only about 10% of our daily salt intake.

How Are You Able To Lower Your Sodium Intake?

There are many strategies to cut back the quantity of sodium you consume. Adding spice mixes, flavoured vinegar, citrus juices and fresh herbs to your meals are all great options. The most vital thing you can do may be to avoid fast food restaurants. Most fresh foods such as unprocessed meats, fish, vegetables and fruit are low in sodium and are healthy, delicious alternate choices to processed or packaged foods. One or two examples of more balanced, low sodium possibilities are listed below.

Foods to Avoid:

Pretzels, chips

Biscuits, instant cereal

Canned soups

Soy and barbeque sauce

Healthy/Low Sodium Alternatives:

Unsalted or low salt nuts, seeds, and popcorn

Whole grain cereals

Low sodium bullion

Lemon juice, vinegar

An interesting point : if you can stick to a low sodium diet, your tastes can be retrained over a brief period of time and you’ll find that you soon don’t miss the salt shaker!

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