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Do not put off that trip to the vet for the four legged member of the family. A quick story takes us to an airport, where a lot of people were coming and going. One couple had just gotten back from an exotic island and were very anxious to see their son.

The couple was saying, “How is the boy ?”. “Where is the boy ?”. “Did he catch some Z’s ?” When the son finally came out it was a rather emotional Pomeranian, which should not come as a surprise. A lot of dog owners treat their dogs as if they were children. There is nothing wrong with that, because dogs are a big part of the family. You take your children for annual checkups, then why not your dog.

Even though dog owners adore their canines, it does not always translate into proper dog preventative treatment. How many times have we been on the verge of winter and remind each other to get a flu shot, and while we are there, get a checkup. The same should apply for a dog annual checkup. Never be afraid to ask a vet any question you have regarding your dog’s health.

So, thousands of professional vets agree that a dog annual checkup is five to seven times more crucial to a canine than it is to their owners, because a dog’s maturation rate is five to seven times quicker than people. A dog that is one year old has aged as much as their owner would in seven years. A lot of canine owners do not take their family dog to a veterinarian until they observe that something is wrong. Their puppy will not eat, or they are constantly sleeping, or they cannot stop biting those around them. Maybe, if Fido had been looked at by a vet in the not so distant past, these problems might not happen.

An annual checkup a vet will look at your dog’s teeth and gums, check their ears and eyes, their coat, pulse and temperature. Your dog will enjoy the visit because they get to sniff all those great smells from dog who have previously visited. Once you pick a vet, stay with the same vet for annual checkups, because then the vet is very familiar with the dog’s history and will add more insight into their checkups.

Want to find out more about a dog annual checkup, then visit on why you should not be afraid to ask a vet any question regarding your dog.

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