How The Dental Assistant Salary Is Continuing To Rise Due To Large Demand Increases

Over the next seven years the dental assistant salary is projected to rise substantially.In an economy where most job industries are suffering, the field of dentistry is exploding. Researchers for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected in 2010 that this industry is expected to grow approximately 40 percent by the year 2018. Dental assistant jobs in the US already total nearly 300,000. This means 120,000 positions are going to be produced. This increase in this field would also cause the salaries for these positions to raise remarkably.

For those interested in pursuing this position, there a number of statistics that might be important. In general, most oral assistants usually choose to work for local dentist clinics or offices. However, it would be more lucrative to these individuals to seek positions with the federal government or hospitals if the opportunity is available. Statistics show that individuals who work in these environments other than a local dentist office earn, on average, a dental assistant salary of $4,000 to $5,000 more per year.

The highest employment by state statistic is also important for those looking to enter this field. California, as of 2010, had the largest amount of people employed with around 44,400. Texas followed with around 20,800 people employed as assistants. Finally, Illinois, Florida, and New York had between 17,000 to 11,000 people employed in this position.

The top five states that had the largest dental assistant salary are:

District of Columbia

District of Columbia has nearly 430 individuals employed earning on average $47,630 per year.


Alaska employs around 1,140 individuals with a average yearly earning of $42,020.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire employs nearly 1,540 people who make an average of $41,640 per year.


Minnesota employs around 5,320 individuals that earn a yearly average of $41,100.


Connecticut has around 3,760 people employed who earn an average of $40,180 per year.

The five metropolitan areas that earned the largest average dental assistant salary are:

Manchester, NH

Manchester has around 210 employees and they earn on average $46,820 each year.

Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa has around 740 employees that earn a yearly average of $44,700.

Barnstable Town, MA

Barnstable Town has nearly 280 employees that make on average $44,570 each year.

Anchorage, AK

Anchorage has around 680 people employed that take home a yearly average of $43,700.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has about 2,670 individuals employed that take home a yearly average of $43,600.

These states and metropolitan areas are the best opportunities to earn the highest average dental assistant salary. With the economy still struggling, the dental industry, in contrast, has a great projection for future years.

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