There Are All Kinds Of Stress

People react differently to stress depending on various causes and conditions. So, research has been able to uncover and distinguish various sorts of stress. When seeking to reduce the amount of stress in your life, recognizing the factors which cause it is of fundamental importance. Complicating the matter, multiple approaches to each kind of stress are necessary.

What it all comes down to are three types of stress: chronic, episodic acute, and acute. Then there’s a fourth type of stress, psychological stress, which is becoming more widespread and realizes as a genuine stressor.

Acute Stress: The most common form of stress, it is caused by life’s daily challenges. In small amounts stress can actually be beneficial. Just like athletes preparing for sporting events. The stress felt by an athlete in a competitive situation increases his output of adrenaline which then provides the extra energy he needs to give his best performance.

It isn’t hard to see the warning signs for this type of stress and they usually only bother people for a little while. Typical signs are coldness in the extremities, cardiac arrhythmia’s, headaches and tense muscles.

Episodic Acute Stress: As I already mentioned, lots of people suffer from this type of stress. Nevertheless, there are some people who experience it with a larger frequency than others. These types of individuals will be obsessed with attaining organization, yet they will constantly fall short when it comes to performance. This is why they often have little patience either with themselves or with anybody else. That’s one reason why the corporate workplace is stressful for them.

Nonstop worry is also a sign of episodic stress. They may feel apprehensive that bad things are going to occur all the time. That’s why they find themselves feeling completely tense and uptight without really understanding why.

Chronic stress is the kind of stress that can cause fatigue to you. This is an accumulated type of stress that results in long lasting damage to you health both physically and emotionally. Trauma is the main cause of most types of chronic stress.

Unfortunately when people have chronic stress it feels like so much a natural part of them that they think they are just ‘that way’, and there is nothing they can do. As a result, this disorder can be difficult to treat since the person feeling it often doesn’t realize it. However, changing your behavior is an effective treatment that reduces stress.

Psychological stress: this category of anxiety is associated with a reduction in the range of responses someone has to a certain set of circumstances; a highly psychologically stressed person may only be able to react in a very limited way. Your body creates the adrenaline hormones when you are threatened, as well as cortisol, both of which encourage you to react to what is going on.

It’s quite similar to when a battery takes a charge thus creating a higher voltage which must be discharged. When mental stress strikes, you feel a rush of energy that has no where to go. Heart problems can be produced when you have constant raise in heart rate and the production of adrenaline

The reason for psychological stress could be any thing from trauma to any emotional anxiety. People with psychological stress actually invite more stress into their lives by what they expose themselves too and this is a problem.

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