The Prime Skyline Massage Chair From Omega

Are you looking for that perfect recliner? If you are, then you are in luck. I want to introduce you to the skyline relaxation massage chair. This new model is really quite extraordinary. It’s actually the first beautifully designed chair with massage and other therapeutic features.

One of the most striking features of this massage chair is its design. The one-piece chair back actually wraps around to the sides of the chair. This give you both support and design aesthetics.

The skyline relaxation chair is made by Omega massage. They also have added French inspired chrome legs. These legs also add a touch of sophistication to the design.

The new skyline massage chair is built for your comfort and relaxation. It is comfortable to sit in without running any of the massage functions. It also has a zero gravity position which is known to help better distribute the weight of your body across your entire back.

You also find a number of therapeutic treatments to enhance your relaxation experience. For instance, there is an air compression system. The air compression system activates the seven airbags located throughout the recliner. This provides soothing relief to minor aches and pains.

If you want a little more invigoration and deeper penetration, try the vibration massage. There are three automatic programs available to meet different needs. The vibration massage is very relieving and penetrates deeply through the muscle tissue.

To relieve some of the tension in the lumbar area, the skyline relaxation chair comes with a lumbar roller. This roller provides a gentle kneading action to loosen the lower part of your spine. This is a great way to relieve tight muscles of the lower back.

If you are up for just relaxation, then try the built-in heating system. The skyline relaxation chair comes equipped with full body heat. Heaters are built throughout the massage chair to soothe tired and aching muscles.

Music therapy is an excellent way to relax your mind. Music is the perfect way to distract your mind from its troubles and get it to relax. The skyline relaxation chair comes equipped with an MP3 player and headphones. Just take a seat, slip on the headphones and let the music take you away.

The skyline relaxation chair is perfect for any home or office. It is a beautifully designed and crafted massage chair. It is truly the first massage chair that looks like an attractive recliner. Omega is the first to bring a truly beautiful massage chair.

The skyline relaxation chair has a remote panel which is integrated into the armrest. Simply open the remote control panel and have access to chairs functions. You will also find a USB port and also a headphone jack in the remote panel.

The skyline is truly a relaxation chair. It has a beautiful design and allows you to position the chair for your comfort and relaxation. It has a powered recline and incline for the chair back and the leg rest. You have a number of different therapeutic options to choose from or just sit back and relax in your comfortable recliner.

The skyline relaxation massage chair is the most attractive chair on the market today. The beauty is that it doesn’t look like a massage chair. Omega massage has broken the mold of what a massage chair looks like. This massage chair is like a piece of designer furniture but with numerous massage therapy features. It comes with a number of therapeutic features to help with your overall relaxation and comfort requirements.

Take a look check out the new Skyline Relaxation Chair from Omega. This recliner gives you the best of both worlds with style and relaxation. The Skyline massage chair is truly an amazing style with a variety of therapeutic treatments. We carry the full line of Omega Massage Chairs at Massage Unlimited.

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