Notes On The Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

Losing one’s hair, at any age, can be distressing. However, there are products – shampoos, foams, etc. – on the market that aim to slow, or in some cases even stop, the loss. However, the best shampoo for hair loss really depends on what the cause of the balding is.

This article is centered on what is known as male pattern baldness (or, as its known in the medical community, androgenic alopecia). This type of balding is caused by male hormones, and specifically a hormone called DHT (or dihydrotestosterone).

Although dihydrotestosterone is a natural hormone and is produced within the body (by an enzyme producing it from testosterone) it also has negative effects. The most noticeable negative effect it can have is caused by the chemical blocking the supply of nutrients to the follicles.

Without an adequate supply of nutrients, the follicle’s ‘growth phase’ will slow, which means that the individual strands will not grow as long or for as long a duration. Over time, the follicles will become completely deactivated. As individual follicles shut down over time, the pattern of baldness will spread across the head.

There is only one medical treatment for topical application that is approved by the FDA: A drug called Minoxidil. This medication can be applied directly to the scalp (in the form of foams, shampoos, etc.) and it helps to increase the flow of nutrients to the follicles, thus counteracting the balding process.

The best shampoo for hair loss is largely dependent on what the underlying cause is. The signs of male pattern baldness are usually fairly easy to spot, in which case shampoos containing Minoxidil may be the most suitable.

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