Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Is Becoming The Standard For Many Women

Whether it is a white blood cell targeting a virus or the brain is suffering from depression, when it comes to our bodies we are a collection of chemicals. For both men and women, one of the strongest chemical regulators within the body are hormones. A part of the endocrine system, these compounds originate in the various endocrine glands that are located throughout the body, as well as the pancreas. Additional producers are found within the testes of men and ovaries of women. The ceasing of menstruation that occurs during menopause can be an extremely difficult time for women and a new treatment regimen in the form of bioidentical hormone replacement is causing a stir.

Understanding the issues of menopause requires an understanding of hormones themselves. They are released through the bloodstream over time and are responsible for a number of processes.

Growing up these processes are linked with our growth and development, as well as metabolism and mood. Sexual maturity is also spearheaded by these compounds and, for women, this starts when they have their first period.

Any woman can attest to the power that an increase in hormone activity can have during their period and definitely during pregnancy. Similar to the wild mood swings and emotional distress that happens during pregnancy, menopause involves the depletion of a number of hormones.

This process lasts years and includes symptoms that vary wildly among women. They include weight gain, a loss of sexual interest, depression or other mood disorders, as well as hot flashes. This later issue deals with the body’s internal temperature regulation and can be especially hard to deal with.

Finding a way to deal with this issue has had women turning to medicine for help. There is no cure because it is a natural process, but doctors have come up with a method of treatment and alleviates symptomology and has the added affect of making women both feel and look younger.

Since the 1950’s the use of hormone therapy has been employed for women going through the change of life. Approved by the FDA, these compounds are synthetically made within a lab and are administered to offset the depletion of a woman’s own chemicals.

Offering something different, companies are now creating what they call bioidentical hormones which are no different, biologically, from the ones that are produced in the body. This is possible because instead of synthesizing them from chemicals, they are derived from natural sources like plants.

It’s important to remember, however, that if you make this choose for your own treatment you should work in conjunction with your physician. A good treatment plan involves the monitoring of your own levels and compensating for the ones that are being depleted faster.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can monitor your own hormones, despite what some companies say. There are kits that test saliva, but these are not a good way to get an overall picture of your levels since these compounds fluctuate wildly throughout the day.

Getting through menopause is easier with your doctor by your side. Deciding to choose bioidentical hormone therapy just means that you’re interested in making sure what you add to your system is completely natural in its origin.

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