Stress Works Against HCG Weight Loss

The HCG Diet is a popular and extremely successful way for losing lots of weight, quick. Many people have followed the HCG diet to drop 20-40 pounds in 4-6 weeks. That’s great news – except that if this #2 reason behind all weight loss rebound is not handled, then the weight will almost surely come back again within the first year. This paper explains what you need to know to make sure this doesn’t happen.

In our world today, nearly all of us live in an extremely fast-paced setting, in which we’re constantly busy and strained to the max both mentally and physically. No matter what kind of work we do, whether we labor with our hands, in the home, on in an office, we are all influenced by stress.

That’s fine, but how does this relate to handling your weight?

Most of the time, stress causes a strong emotional reaction, causing us to feel upset or annoyed. When things come up “make our blood boil,” we get even more worked up and simultaneously raise our blood pressure and leaves us feeling tense and annoyed. These stress feelings are the ruin of smart weight management strategies. Check out why?

When our bodies are under a lot of stress, there are a large number of changes going on internally. The body is programmed to make excess amounts of certain hormones to get us ready for “fight or flight,” the normal reaction to a stressful event.

During these times, as part of the body’s natural defense system, our bodies make added amounts of Adrenaline and Cortisol. Without enough relaxation between stressful events, the amounts of these two hormones build up in our bodies making weight loss nearly impossible.

High levels of Adrenaline has three very perceptible outcomes on the body, all of which offset our weight loss attempts. First, it alters the activity of enzymes that handle the release of fat. Secondly, too much Adrenaline causes the body to retain fluid, which in turn increases body weight. And lastly, it increases our appetite, causing us to consume more, too.

How do you know if excess Adrenaline is between you and successful weight loss? If you have one or more of the symptoms listed here, this may indicate excess Adrenaline: – Inability for much exercise – Feeling worse after working out – Water retention – Addicted to caffeine – Sweet and salt cravings – Eating to relieve depression

Not only do you have to fight with high levels of Adrenaline, but its evil counterpart, Cortisol, has its own set of threats and only makes the situation worse.

Higher levels of Cortisol in the system for extended periods of time serves to elevate our blood sugars, resulting in raised insulin usage and increased cravings or a bigger appetite. Also, instead of burning fat for energy, in the event that there’s excess Cortisol, the body turns to protein. You got it, the final result is that we save more fat and gain even more weight.

So how do you tell if extra Cortisol is getting in the way of your weight loss attempts? Take a brief look at the following symptoms: – Higher resistance to insulin – Lowered bone density – Elevated blood pressure – Added body fat – Weaker immune system – Muscle wasting – Anxiety, particularly in the morning

Obviously, stress triggers a chain of chemical imbalances in our bodies, regardless of how hard we try to merely get through it. The physical side only serves to add to the mental and emotional challenges of losing weight, making it almost impossible to lose weight during long times of stress.

Ultimately, the best cure is to remove the stress – either by changing your lifestyle, habits or work environment. However, since that’s not feasible in all situations, the best practical solution is daily structured stress relief that matches up with your weight loss effort. My experience with patients is that just 20 minutes per day of the specifically-designed relaxation therapy works wonders?

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