Weight Loss And Back Pain

Most individuals, specialists and non-experts alike, agree that modern society is blighted by obesity. However, getting those individuals to agree why obesity is becoming such a difficulty is not so simple.

Some people say it is because food, money and calories have never been so cheap and that it is human nature to store fat in times or plenty for the difficult times that will surely follow.

Others point to all the labour-saving devices that we have in our every day lives which means that we can get our every day tasks done without having to expend as many calories as before and yet others, the conspiracy theorists, say that governments have plotted with food manufacturers to insert additives in our food to make us addicted to it.

One thing is for certain, these days you can work for six minutes in numerous Western countries and earn enough money to buy 1,000 calories and not one of those calories will do your body any good whatsoever.

A huge bottle of soda – the most useless comestible product ever made. Yet it goes out of supermarket doors by the trolley load each day.

Obesity has been coupled with several major lethal illnesses like diabetes and coronary heart disease and is known to be a major factor in causing atherosclerosis, high degrees of cholesterol, high blood pressure and back pain.

Back pain does not sound as if it is in the same league as the others in that list, but you would not question how serious it is, if you had ever experienced it. How to describe back pain to someone who has never undergone it? It is comparable to toothache, a cricked neck or a cramped calf, but worse.

It is there all the time. Sufferers wake up all the way through the night in pain and have to alter position because they cannot do it in their sleep like most individuals do. You cannot manage anything in a hurry and some days you just cannot do anything. You cannot take part in fun events; you cannot have fun with the kids, nor your mates or your spouse.

The depression that accompanies the suspicion that the pain will never go away – that you are stuck with pain and immobility for the remainder of your days – is worse than the pain itself.

If you have never had a bad back, do everything within your capacity to ensure that you never do get one and endeavour to do the same for those who depend on you.

If you are overweight, you will have a bad back one day and the fatter you are the more rapidly that day is coming, so start doing something concerning losing weight now while you can still walk and the job is that much easier. It is difficult to exercise weight off, if you are laid out flat on your bed for three or four days a week in pain.

Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on a variety of subjects, but is now involved with sciatica and acupuncture. If you would like to know more, please go to our web site at Sore Back Remedies

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