Shoulder Stabilizing Exercises – Reduce Injuries with innies and outies

the way up and the way down, if you cant do this on this exercise then you are using too much weight. The reason this exercise method maximizes your muscle growth is because it confines the motion to the muscle you are trying to work out, if your body squirms, swings, and kicks, all you are doing is taking the focus away from the muscle you are trying to exercise. Anyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and feel better about themselves through bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn’ …

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  1. scooby1961 says:

    People wonder why I disable comments after a week. The comments for the first 5 days are insightful and intelligent then they go downhill fast.

  2. matsakehallgren says:

    Scooby – I must praise you. That is without doubt the most uncomfortable way to perform internal and external rotators cuff exercises that I have ever seen. They should be done standing, and preferably using a physio-band (they come in different strengths). That way, the tension on your shoulder is constand and does not change through the range of motion. But what I’d really like to see, is you posting an honest description of your roid cycle!

  3. PersianStudios says:

    Almost everyone gest gyno when they reach 50. He cant be 30 forever.

  4. matsakehallgren says:

    This guys videos are hilarious. I love the unstated assumption that doing push-ups, light fly exercises etc will help you look like him – a guy who has been taking roids for years. Nice gyno mate!

  5. griffithafrank says:


  6. Scoobs you’re probably thinking of internal and external rotation?
    Rotator cuff muscles are: teres minor, supra & infraspinatus and subscapularis
    You are totally right, once you properly prang your shoulder it pretty much will never be the same again surgery or not, so everyone head his advice!

  7. What would that have to do with giving excellent fitness advice?

  8. damn hes gay..

  9. Xbox360Rulesz says:

    I haven’t ever seen a body builder that has got body hair, so I’m sure they shave it

  10. why havn’t you got body hair? i wish i didnt, i hate it..

  11. Riste1986 says:

    i love Ryan Reynolds shoulders he has them the best one

  12. petrosian904 says:

    tip to everyone… LISTEN TO HIS ADVICE HERE!
    this is very true, i didnt do enough of this stuff and damaged both shoulders. once you wreck em it takes a lot more of these to go back than when youre normal.

  13. packeralger says:

    testor1988: I personally believe, as Scooby does, that the only supp’s you even need are whey protein powder…..that’s it……visit his website for more info, it’s quite informative

  14. packeralger says:

    ……he just shaves lol

  15. wastedtalent09 says:

    nice rear delts!

  16. Avorysuds says:

    Were you born without the ability to grow body hair? Your vids are great tho =D

  17. ameenuk2000 says:

    Yesterday i tried the Twenty Ones for bicep first time ever… ameazing feeling i could really feel that pump. by the way can you go with same method for other exercises like triceps or shoulder exercises.

  18. guitar007freak says:

    You face is like fucked up ugly.. but you got a good body

  19. castle1781 says:

    hey scoob, i got a question 4 ya,now i totally understand the benifits of doing this workout,but i’m not so sure u should be doing them on the ground like that,when i hurt my shoulder at work i did this workout in physio standing up and useing rubber band(workout ones) and it helped alot just want to know your take on this….i feel that lying down just wouldn’t work as good…..great vids man keep it up

  20. tubedebby says:

    hey…i’m a female of 18…
    my body is moscular although i never went to gym or did workouts…i just run and walk a lot in the hills…

    id like to know what can i do to define muscles…

    i went to see a gym recently but the trainers dont really consider me and give me premade programs without seeing in which way its best to work on my body…

    could u help?

  21. BacheKhala says:

    cool setup. how much weight would u suggest for the beginning?

  22. ifsaadmin says:

    американсий коксакер

  23. xxxx59xxxx says:

    nice tits

  24. welcomeadam says:

    мудак какойто)))

  25. chuckcydneycody says:

    scooby i have pain in both shoulders and am nervous about what it is.But i keep on working out.

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