How To Create A Healthy Lifestyle In Ten Minutes

The question of how to lose weight properly often arises in gyms. Many people are misled into believing that the science behind weight loss is much more complex than it actually is. Today, you will discover the proven facts.

By combining a few simple, established rules with training styles such as hiit you will be able to elevate your progress above and beyond what you previously expected. [

Today’s clip on how to lose weight details five extensively researched fat loss tips for you.


By combining high intensity interval training with the tips given below, you will be able to achieve maximum results both inside and outside of your local gym. Let’s start with a brief description of the five rules:

* Your total daily calories must change.

* Learn how to set your macronutrient ratio.

* Get enough water throughout the day.

* Learn how to maximize your snacks.

* Learn the best and worst times of the day to take on carbohydrate heavy foods.

The first rule, before you do anything else at all, is to change your daily calorie intake. If you carry on eating the same volume of food you will find it harder to drop unwanted fat. Write down a food diary over the next couple of days and you’ll get an idea of how many calories you are currently eating at the moment. Then simply take 200-300 off this target. If you want to drop the total by a large amount it would be best to do it in gradual stages over the course of a couple of weeks, so you don’t shock the body into starvation mode.

Once you have done that, you can then look at where those calories are coming from. Without changing your calories too much, you can generate great results by simply ensuring those calories are arriving in your body from better sources. For example, somebody eating 2000 calories from junk food would look far worse than someone getting 2000 from healthy foods, despite the fact they are eating the same overall. A good way to get this balance in check is to use the 4-4-2 concept, which is 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fats. [[I:]]

People usually forget to drink enough water during the course of a busy day. One way to get around this is to fill a two liter bottle before you go to bed at night and leave it in the fridge. Upon waking, set yourself the target of finishing that bottle during the upcoming 24 hours and having a new, fresh bottle in the fridge by the time you go back to sleep. Water is crucial for weight loss, as it helps your body to stay hydrated, increases metabolism and also helps you to flush out toxins.

Snacking on protein instead of sugary carbohydrates can be another important step to eliminating the common problems which cause diet failure. You can try this by packing some small protein rich sources into some small snack tubs and taking them to work with you.

This will eliminate your temptation of using the vending machine.

Finally, there are so many myths surrounding carbohydrates. Your body needs them in order to function and you cannot lose weight without them, so do not make the mistake of avoiding them. However, you can increase results by learning the best times to eat them. It is a myth that you shouldn’t eat carbs at night. The truth is you should plan your carb intake around your busiest periods of the day so that your body can use them for fuel, rather than storing them. If you are busy during the night then there is nothing wrong with enjoying some carbohydrates at this time

Now let’s look at combining these tips with high intensity interval training to take the results even higher. If you can combine all of the diet tips above with three sessions per week on a bike or treadmill, switching between four minutes of moderate intensity and 30 second bursts of maximum effort you will see excellent results. You needn’t work for longer than half an hour in total.

Learning how to lose weight is an often confusing subject. With so many people giving different opinions on both diets and hiit workouts, sometimes it pays to put your faith in the latest science rather than following whatever the latest magazine trend is.

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