religious spirits and christians! – Overview

Spiritual battle is extremely important today – for the Church is being attacked from many different angles, from many different sources, and from some area that we have not considered before.

The “spirit of religion” is a phrase that is used often today in the body of Christ. Often used in your more “grace-centered” churches, the term is usually spoken to pinpoint or point-out an act of legalism or judgmental activity. Whenever someone begins to base their judgments or their activities around a set of rules or tradition, then they are usually accused of having a spirit of religion working in their life.

The sad truth is that legalism is very real and it does real damage! The good intentioned holy-spirit filled Christian can still quickly fall prey to the spirit of religion and bring harm to themselves as well as other people. Sometimes it is literally a spirit (a demon) working through a person, and yet sometimes it is simply an improper mindset based on years of wrong teaching.

Turn on Christian programming and you will see the legalistic preacher bring condemnation and shame to those who are still attempting to grow in Christ, and you will also see the other ministers, preaching against the legalistic preachers! We are coming against each other and this has to stop!

So, does the spirit of religion stop with the legalistic Christian? I am afraid it does not. Actually, more and more we are seeing the spirit of religion both attack and influence Christians with a spirit of “elitism” – An “air” about them that causes them to believe they are part of some elite group of revelation masters! As they get revelation in an area of the Bible, they become puffed-up and act superior to those without a similar revelation.

Have you received a spiritual download on healing, miracles, eschatology, grace, or any other area. I pray you do receive revelation and spiritual downloads – yet always consider that we only see in part and hear in part. We don’t have the total view or revelation – and what we are given is because God has chosen to reveal. Respect and cherish the rinsights that the Lord gives you, yet never let it puff-up, allowing the spirit of religion to take root in your life.

We see the spirit of religion in two distinct camps today – one is the camp of legalism, adding to the word of God in order to control others. The other camp is elitism, bringing people up to a place where they look down upon others in the body of Christ. We are all growing and being transformed from glory-to-glory (2 Cor. 3:18) – may we grow in love and not division.

What is the key? Stay truly humble and thankful for the transformation of God. Stay in communion with Christ – stay in the secret place with God and allow your insights to help you grow. Never allow the spirit of religion to grow in your life. Love others and God as you witness the miracles of God transform you from glory-to-glory. Examine yourselves often, and study the way you treat others. Stay in love and watch God bring even more revelation to your life![youtube:hX9lRdWU78k?fs=1;[link:prophetic counseling];]

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