The Term Girl Up Causing Boy Child Negligence

Girl empowerment organizations are the ones that choose to use the term “Girl up”. Boys currently feel neglected since all the activists are concentrating with the other gender, which is the female. It raises an alarm that men, in some countries of the third world, are being beaten by women and totally no one is coming to their rescue. Anyway, it is about the female child for now.

There are different organizations that use this slogan. One of them is the Girl Up Youth Campaign Priyanka. This organization based in Priyanka and mainly works to educate girls. When a woman is educated, then all men are safe. This is because women are mainly the ones that empower the men in their lives.

The United Nations also runs a foundation called named after the same slogan. This foundation is also aimed to empower the women in a society. Most women who have been helped through this system are expected to show their gratitude through helping other girls that are similar to them circumstantially. This spreads to the whole world but the core being the US.

The UN GU Foundation aims at educating the women living in the US and the rest of the world. They are also provided with health facilities, as a benefit. This is helpful since it prevents different diseases from obscuring them from studying and carrying out other activities. Good health equals success in all aspects.

This same foundation also ensures that the female child is 100% safe. Many people take advantage of young female children and their, innocence to do inhuman things to them. From men to step parents to even the security forces. Thus it is important for someone to at least ensure that female children are also safe from such predators.

Many people say that the youth are the next generation leaders. But hey, who will be the leaders if it is only boys that are concentrated with. There is a saying that “behind every successful man there is a woman” and therefore for us to even have male leaders, then there must be strong women as well to make their leadership successful. Thus the UN Foundation GU ensures that women too are positioned as the next generation leaders.

Sufficient funds are the ones that determine the success of a powerful foundation. Donation is the core of then UN GU Foundation’s funds. It raises this money by only asking for $5 or more from its donors, which s an initiative called giving the girls as high five.

Another organization is the Girl Up NOLA whose motto is generally to “lift girls to the new heights”. The foundation was started by one Cheryl Landrieu. It is based in New Orleans and mainly targets girls in 5th grade to those in 12th grade. These are clearly young girls who are the most vulnerable. Thus clearly the word “Girl Up” is a women empowerment key word as its name suggests.

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