The Strongest Way to Inspire Yourself to Realize What You Want

Since you were a tiny person you’ve always been seduced by stories. At the beginning you were told bedtime stories. Then in kindergarten your teachers told you stories. You listened to stories in the playground. And as life has gone on you have continued to be dependent on stories in local papers journals books, films and on The telly.

There are more sorts of stories to which you’re also drawn, like jokes and rumors. All these stories inform us and help us to form our opinions about ourselves and our lives.

Because stories are such an important part of forming who we are they constitute one of the most influential NLP techniques. This is because we tend to believe stories that are well told.

Actually you tend to believe nearly all types of stories that you’re told about yourself, both the good stories and the bad stories. If someone else affirms something unpleasant about you it can make you feel bad. If someone else tells you how well they think you have done and congratulates you, it usually makes you feel good.

And that’s the secret of why stories can be such a powerful way to inspire yourself to realize what you want. By telling yourself stories about how good you are , with acceptable evidence, you can make yourself feel really good. By telling yourself you can achieve anything you need you can set the game up for you to realize any practical goal that your heart desires.

The sad point is that we are living in a world in which negative stories have more traction in the media and thus in society than positive stories. Most of what comes to you from the world around you is negative. The media, your friends, your work mates and team mates tend to broadcast bad news with great glee.

Therefore it’s down to you to make up your mind how you want to be, what you aim to attain and to begin to tell yourself good positive, self-motivating stories about yourself. Become a broadcaster of good, positive stories.

The aim of David Ferrers’s business coaching is to, “enable people like you to prosper and to enjoy whatever they’re doing”. He achieves results by using NLP Techniques. He is a leading coach, writer and speaker on Management, Leadership, Personal Development and NLP. He’s an NLP Master Practitioner.

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