Raw Food Weight Loss 178 pounds! Dave the Raw Food Trucker VIDEO #9

Juice Recipes for Healing * Fasting Juice Recipes * Vegetable Juicing * Vegetable Juice Recipes for Weight Loss * Raw Vegetable Diet * VIDEO #9 of my weekly chats w/ my friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker! ❤ For those new to this series, make sure to watch the the other videos here bit.ly & also refer to this quick backgrounder on Dave’s amazing story of natural healing!: My friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker tells his story of how he came from the brink of death to heal himself of several …

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  1. in the PA Farmers Markets all of that would only cost around $ 25 !!!!!!!!

    Huge fresh locally grown Cucumbers are .25 each, Large dark green heads of Celery $ 1, Dark Greens large bunches are 1 dollar each ! and so on

    Farmers Markets are the way to go 4 sure

  2. $50 for just the vegetables??? no way, in miami all that stuff would probably cost you like 80 to 90 bucks.

  3. You can get a better deal but the health benefits aren’t the same. It’s not just the juice from any fruit or vegetable… what’s inside of course matters.

  4. Yea i agree thats ALOT of produce ; )

    Its odd though because i can make almost a half gallon of Juice just from 2 medium size waterMelons, i juice the white and green parts too

    For $ 7 you cant get a better deal for juicing than that

  5. DAVE! Right on – you are my hero. Hey Dan, I signed up for the 4 day diet – looking forward to it. Will I get an email or something?

  6. One suggestion Dan… for an upcoming video with Dave can we get a before picture when he was at his highest weight? I wonder if he has it. I think it would really help to show that at the beginning of his videos so people can see how dramatic the change has been.


  7. It’s shocking to see how much stuff Dave actually juices. I had no idea 3 days worth of food juiced would turn out to be so much.

    Really appreciate both of you taking the time to share this info.


  8. We’ve been wonderin’ where Dave’s been and praying he’s still going strong.. And as we suspected, Dave, you inspire so many right along with Dan and his right hand woman Krista. Thanks to all of you for the videos. We look forward to watching the AMAZING progress Dave is making. I think I go out and make a small version of this Lean Mean Greene Smoothie Tomorrow morn. .

  9. Dan, i enjoyed greatly how in the very beginning of this video you just STOPPED the camera for a few seconds on all that Produce

    Immediately a few words jumped out at me when i Paused the vid at that moment , That produce is just beaming with

    Life, Vibrant Energy, Deep vivid Color, Nobility, Grandeur , Integrity, Strength, Peace, Radiance etc.

    and then we consume it and those SAME qualities are transferred to us and Built into our very Core as a Human Being

    i Luv it !

  10. You guys make a great team ! We’ve all been thinking about Dave and wondering how hes been doin ‘

    Seeing Daves Transformation Up close only inspires me to take my own Detox Rebuilding Juicing journey so much farther

    To think he was once a guy Eating alot of Meat in very bad Health with a grim outlook, and here he is Now So knowledgeable and Passionate about Vegan Raw Living foods and Life and Love and Kindness and Bettering himself in every way


  11. Hey Dan, My understanding is these Green Powders are a Great Nutrient density boost to the Fresh Raw Juices

    They are Not Essential, but a wonderfully balancing supplement to use with the Juices.

    They are great for adding Mineral Density to the Juices especially as Minerals arent effected by the Dehydration processing to make the Powders.

    If someone can afford them, than by all means go for it ! But if you cant, not to worry, Juices are the Ticket 4 Lifeforce

  12. Hey… so good to see you Dave – it’s so good to see you shrinking so much.. LOL – very encouraging and thanks for the info re the Kale and the beets leaves – Vit K is the best every for the blood – I got the book too. (GC’s book) also the Barley max – Big hugs and congratulations Dave – HUGS>>more hugs…

  13. I get so excited to get updates from Dave!! Since I am working to reverse Leukemia, Dave is a huge inspiration to me. Thank you both for bringing motivation, hope and support to me!!!

  14. It didn’t really pump me up as much as Dave but I think it is just because he is fasting on just water and green powder that he feels so good! I never told him I thought that! sssshhhhh….. The funny thing is that I am eating some right now sprinkled on watermelon! LOL 😀 I definitely think there is nutrition in there though! Peace,,,

  15. Dan what do you think about that barley max stuff? you tried it right? any good?

    I bought some similar product last week, Just Barely. Same process, raw organic. It is delicious and so easy to make a drink but I don’t really feel the lifeforce like I do with the green juices I make myself. You feel the same?

  16. I was so excited to see another video from Dan and Dave! Thanks so much. I encourage everyone to donate to Dan’s paypal if you feel inspired by the videos…Dan puts his whole being into this and we want to keep it going!

  17. Thank you both so much! It’s been a rough couple of weeks, my daughter was sick and had to have surgery and we had to put our old dog to sleep. But it’s so good to know that I can come here and listen to you and Dave giving out love and inspiration. You never fail to lift my spirits. You’re both real blessings from above. Love to both of you (and Krista too!). <3

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