Preventing a Relapse Using Technology

For addiction use the DAVID Delight Pro by Mindalive and the iLightz Pro by Mindgear/Mind Tools light and sound machine. The most important benefit of using either brain machine is learning the way to relax. These are sound light machines for personal use that can gently lead you from your normal waking state (beta) into more of a relaxed alpha or meditative theta mental condition or into delta for accessing sleep. Think about a light and sound machine as being an individual relaxation tool for beating addiction.

Consider the DAVID Delight Pro by Mindalive. This mindmachine contains 25 sessions, has space for another 5 sessions using DAVID session editor software, combines light and sound kick with CES (cranial electrical stimulation) and has multi-colored lightframes for independent hemispheric stimulation, either for brain synchronization or hemispheric cross-talk.

Why employ a sound and light frequency generated mind machine for obsession? It worked nicely for me. My sobriety date is in 7 / 85. The mindmachine I used is archaic by today’s standards, but I have kept it. Since their beginnings, I've used the Delight Pro due to it’s CES capacities and the iLightz Pro because it has a built in iPhone/iPod dock. These light and sound machines can help change your thoughts about addiction combined with EEG neurofeedback.

The iLightz Pro has 75 built in sessions, has multi-color lightframes that change color when the frequency changes and has an iPod/iPhone docking port. Licensed by Apple the sole light and sound manufacturer that can make that claim. Hand sized, transportable and simple to use: that is the iLightz Pro by Mindgear/Mind Tools.

Coping with obsession can be a nightmare. Make the switch to sobriety simpler by utilizing the alpha, theta and delta programs that are built into either the Enjoyment Pro or iLightz Pro. You'll soon notice a change in how you view dependence.

Michael Landgraf is a Mind Machine expert and user of the David Delight Pro

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