Weight Loss Exercises – Bodyweight Reduction With Ray Burton

More Fun Bodyweight Training Video At buildingbodies.ca Ray Burton does some excellant bodyweight and weight loss excercises that use equipment to throw into your workout. Most can be done without equipment and at home if you have a chinup bar. These weight loss exercises are part of the three month fat burning program created by personal trainer Ray Burton at www.FatToFitProgram.com. If you are trying to get your bodyweight down and lose some fat, then take the plunge. One step at a time …

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  2. buildingbodies says:


  3. Great vid, cheers mate.

  4. eatweightoffdotcom

  5. Hey Ray, you’re awesome. I can’t wait to get your book, once I start my job and have some money. I’ve already tried some of the exercises you show, and I love it that you have some easier ones to get started with. Thanks!!

  6. greendayaremyheros says:

    hey nice video…got me motivated 😀 yaaaaay im gonna go play some ddr

  7. fearlessjt says:

    Im 14 and there not a lot of jims i can go to. and i dont live in america. Can you post some videos on home workouts because i do some exercise at home but its hard to fnd space.

  8. Uhm I am at the gym and I lift weights, medium to heavy but I reach to the point that I REALLY can’t take it anymore, well does that count as an excuse and that I should go further?

  9. buildingbodies says:

    Thankyou for the pat on the back! You may be interested in my fit tips newsletter on the buildingbodies site if you like things like this on a regular basis to keep you motivated!

  10. fashionglamur says:

    Wow.. amazing and brilliant.. im soo inspired.. i have always been like.. ah i dont feel like runing or so.. but you are totally right.. stop making excuses.. thank u so much 4 doing this video, and good luck in everthing!

  11. wolfhowl2006 says:

    lol, i love your little ten minute film. it is really smart to create a video on youtube that will inspire people to get fit and live healthier and longer. by the way, my boyfriend lives in calgary. thats awesome. ^.^

  12. crazyboy4naj says:

    hay dear thats very nice vedio i m also a body duilder but i have kidny shap on my side but i wana loss this shap wats the perfict exercise of that part

  13. i like the cool unique workouts u have on your video.

  14. buildingbodies says:

    There is lots of stuff on my site at buildingbodies (google it) but I think that you would enjoy the stuff that the crossfit guys are doing. Go to thier exercise demos page and you will find more exercises that will fit in your small space. Thier site is crossfit (cant add the url)

  15. IAMTHELAW2005 says:

    Ok, so i’m 17 now, in one year ill be able to work as wrestler, my dream, so form this moment on im only eating things like grapes-egg whites-skinnless chicken-water-orange juice and maybe some apples. as far as exercise i only do pushups-bench-hang clings, because thats what im able to do in my space in the garage, is there anything else I can do? i’m fat and have one year

  16. buildingbodies says:

    Your very welcome! If you’re in the calgary area on the 15th of May, come on down to Mcnally Robison for my book signing and we can have a chat.

  17. thanks for putting in your time to do this for everyone . it’s the message that i’ve been wanting to send but have been too lazy to do.

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