My Weight Loss

A few people requested that I do a video on how I’ve lost all (and then some) of my baby weight. So here it is! I’ve lost 15 pounds and gone down 2 sizes in one month. I still want to lose 10lbs, but I’m slowing down on the dieting. I’m gonna slowly lose the next 10. Sorry I talk so fast. I was kind of in a hurry. So if I forgot to answer something, or if you have questions, leave them as a comment and I will try to answer them in a reply!!

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  1. Loraandlayton says:

    Yes… I’m aware.

  2. citrusdrop1688 says:

    Only gaining 20 pounds would have been unhealthy. And breastfeeding also helps you loose weight because you burn an extra 500 calories a day.

  3. Loraandlayton says:

    Aww thank you :o) Have a good run!

  4. I was just thinking you were looking fabulous in your last video, good work.. i was putting off going for a run this morning but you have remotivated me – thanks Lora!!

  5. Loraandlayton says:

    I did, but not for very long. It did seem to help though. It’s contracts your uterus so that helps to flatted your belly a little.

  6. hey lora, did you breastfeed tripp? if so, do you think this helped at all to shed the weight?

  7. lemondropsforever says:

    Thanks for posting this video, you are inspiring me. My son will be 3 months August 1st and I also gained 40 lbs with his pregnancy. I’ve so far lost 20 and have 20 to go. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, but I love your idea of cutting out the refined white foods. I try and do it already anway, but I’m even more motivated now, knowing that it has worked for you 🙂 Thanks

  8. Loraandlayton says:

    NEVER say never!! I went up a bunch of sizes. I THREW AWAY all my jeans because I thought “There is NO way I will fit into these again.” My mother in law secretly kept my fav. pair and made me try them on and they are now a lil lose! It IS possible!

  9. GIRLnextDOOR06457 says:


    Lucky I would never be able to fit into my high school jeans in a month.. lol I wore a 3/5 and now im a 10

  10. QueenAceKing says:

    Yeahh, I’m 8 months, and so far I’ve gained 40lbs.!!! But you gave me hope when you said half of your weight came off at birth! Gives me something else to look forward to when he comes, besides just him! lol

  11. Loraandlayton says:

    Haha! Nope, that’s actually part of the jumperoo. Its a squishy padding for his back, but its a little monkey!

  12. is that a pillow you have on his back? because my husband has been suggesting to put one on my baby’s jumper LOL

  13. Loraandlayton says:

    No, it’s not a no carb diet. If it was a no carb diet then I wouldn’t be able to eat pasta, bread, or rice at all!! But I can eat them. As long as they are whole grain :o) I could NEVER do no carbs haha

  14. xoTynearaxo says:

    No carb diet….silly 🙂

  15. restlessheart says:

    Congrats on losing the weight girl!! I think you look fabulous 🙂 you looked gorgeous though too when you were preggo!! I am not a pretty pregnant person LOL. I’ve never been skinny, I don’t even know what that’s like haha. I gained a whopping 72 lbs with my daughter & lost 50 of it…so I started this pregnancy with an extra 20 lbs! But it took about a year for that 50 lbs to come off…that’s a lot though! I’m really trying to do better this time!! Anyway, CONGRATS!!

  16. 08jaydensmommy08 says:

    I totally need to hit the gym lol. I think you just motivated me to get up off my lazy butt hehe

  17. Loraandlayton says:

    Aww thank you!! :o)

  18. Loraandlayton says:

    Aww that is so sweet. Thank you! And congrats on the new little one!! I BET things are tough. One is hard, so I know two has got to be stressful. I’m sure you’re loving it though and having a lot of fun at the same time! That toy he is in is called a Jumperoo :o) They make alllll kinds of them, but we went with the jungle theme to match his room lol

  19. Loraandlayton says:

    I’m not sure if you’re supposed to give them up or not. I didn’t though. Eggs are such good protien and I need that for my workouts!

  20. lizseibert2436 says:

    haha your so goofy i love it (ie stretching)

  21. lizseibert2436 says:

    what bout eggs??

  22. Hi Lora, First of all, congrats on your weight loss! Ur definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world, and such an awesome mom to boot! I watch your vids every time I need to feel inspired (which is like all the time, lol!). I just had my second little girl 2 weeks ago, and things have been tough with her and a 3 yr old. But your outlook and attitude always makes me feel that everything will be fine. Also, I was wondering what the name of that bouncy thing Tripp is in is called.

  23. Loraandlayton says:

    Thank you! You will be able too! It HAS to be harder with the second since you now have two kids AND your body has now been through pregnancy twice. But it’ll happen :o)

  24. donnie65301 says:

    Congrats on the Weight Loss

  25. skylerzmom says:

    Congratulations on losing all of the weight!! I lost all of my pregnancy weight with my last daughter quite quickly plus 10lbs extra and I was so excited that I could fit into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes too!! I just wish that I could now lose the weight that I gained from my first daughter!! lol On that one, I still have like 40lbs… I use to have so much will power in high school and then when I met my husband, it just all went out the window! So now i’m trying to get back on track..

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