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  1. ucantlope says:

    Thank you for this. With that little adjustment you gave scooping the tail back really far when going to stand was HUGE for me! I’ve been doing yoga for a while and my lower back Always hurt when I try to stand. But this little adjustment made a world of difference! Thank you thank you. 🙂
    Do you ever teach in California?

  2. You started off with the exact transitional move I have the most trouble with – Seems like a chasm greater that the grand canyon and it is so ackward. I will try the little hops. Also your explanations of the gravity centers and shifts in weight are the most precise I have ever heard. I think you must have been an architect of the pyramids in a former life. Also thank you for your enthusiasm, you give me hope I might yet accomplish this with some grace.

  3. mrskdchristie says:

    Sadie, you and your videos rock! I have just started yoga and have become addicted! You are absolutely amazing. Wish I lived in NYC so that I could take some of your classes. Thanks so much for posting these online. Love you and the videos being part of my day. All the best, Kristen

  4. ONAARA123 says:

    Hey been tryin to do his yoga for the past 4 days…Do u really think it will work…am 19 and I weigh about 180….been trying everything.I tried going to the gym I dont see results so I give up…Am tryin to lose about 30-40…do u think yoga will help…am already cuttin back on wat I eat and do watch wat I eat..how long is it goin to take me before reaching my goal…thanks very much

  5. ONAARA123 says:

    are u serious about this…been over weight all dis years…tryin to at least cut off 20 pounds….where can I get the Acai from

  6. Mariansblog says:

    Like everyone, you probably need to start with a check-up by a physician.

  7. emmawozere2006 says:

    Omg i train every night in a swimming pool up and down and that gets me working and makes me ache this made me ache almost as bad :L

  8. caseysargent says:

    I just used Exact Acai and lost 20 pounds. It really works.
    youcanloseweight. webs. com

  9. but its extremly hardd =(
    and yea.. do we do take slow deep breaths? slower than these?

  10. sadienardini says:

    It sure would! See how hard it is? Imagine if you did it until you were good at it, and ate well. You’d change your life! It’s all about choices.

  11. sadienardini says:

    thanks!! eat well and do yoga and you will be! xoSadie

  12. its so hard =(
    m 18 and i wanna tone my body.. my height is 164cm.. and i weight around 56 kgs.. people say i look thin but i want to have a slim body.. would yoga help?

  13. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  14. mbbascara says:

    i am glad finding and subscribing to you… i am now a regular viewer of your videos on yoga and really really learning them… i am visualizing myself as slim and as fit as you are.

  15. prettysco says:

    Hi Sadie, thanks for sharing this yoga moves. There have been lot of changes since I started doing yoga. But I’m wondering, what to do when you have sweaty hands? Each time I do the down dog, i can feel that i am slipping and so I have to pause for a while. Is it best to use a hand glove? Also i want to ask you, does yoga helps to lessen varicose veins? That’s one of my problem after I gave birth. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much. Appreciate your help 🙂

  16. A really great work out! Thanks so much!

  17. distressed7 says:


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