New Liposuction Techniques of Cosmetic Surgery Auckland

Through the improvements in the field of cosmetic surgery Auckland, there has been an increase in the alternatives to different plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments. For people who have a problem area on their body where they have excessive fats, liposuction might be the solution. Liposuction, otherwise known as lipoplasty, is carried out by eliminating certain fat deposits in an attempt to reshape an area of a person’s body. There are different techniques to get this done, but the primary purpose is the same. It is important to become educated on the different types of this technique so that you can discuss the choices with your cosmetic surgeon Auckland and get the one which best satisfies your needs.


This procedure is for people who want a muscular body feature. You do not have to bother about the side effects and scarring from this process of cosmetic surgery Auckland liposuction. Auckland based cosmetic surgeon is effective to perform the surgery with minor incisions. Hence, there are least chances of scarring. This technique principally applies fat transfer technique. The fat eliminated from one part of the body is then re-deposited in other parts on the body to give a more toned look. You may have to wait at least six months to see the complete results of the procedure.

Laser Assisted Liposuction

The application of lasers in the cosmetic surgery Auckland liposuction procedure has gained popularity. In this type of procedure, a small laser is used to liquefy the fat in the body. The liquid fat is much easier to eliminate from the body. This also helps insertion of a smaller tube to suck out the unwanted fat from the body. The laser assisted liposuction is much less invasive than the traditional one.

The ideal candidate for a cosmetic surgery liposuction is someone who has an average build and is generally in good health which simply wants to have a cosmetic surgeon eliminate some excess fat. Usually even a strict diet and exercise regimen cannot eliminate those last few pounds.

If you’d like to go through cosmetic surgery Auckland liposuction, consult with a cosmetic surgeon who is expert in this technique for a very satisfying experience.

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