What Will The Tummy Tuck Procedure Performed In Performed Indianapolis Do For You

Someone with excess skin on the stomach can have it surgically removed in an abdominoplasty procedure in Indianapolis. A cosmetic surgeon can take steps to remove this skin, sometimes called a flap or apron of skin. Whether it is due to overeating or pregnancy, the abdominoplasty will correct the condition.

This loose skin and fat that hangs in front of the individual is often called an apron. This can cause discomfort, pain and a rash on the skin that is covered by the excess skin flap. There are similarities in abdominoplasty procedures, however not all are identical. One surgeon in Indianapolis uses an incision done lower on the abdomen. Liposuction is then used to remove the fat from the area.

The first step toward making the decision to have an abdominoplasty is an appointment with the surgeon to discuss all aspects of the operation. If you are intent on wearing a bikini and looking the way you did prior to childbirth, you will enjoy seeing before and after photos. It may be what you need to regain self-confidence in your appearance.

You will get rid of extra fat and skin in the abdominal area. Your stomach will look flatter and as if you have done sit-ups or pilates daily. The operation will repair separated stomach muscles that cannot be changed or improved through exercise.

The reconstructive surgery is not advised if you plan to add to your family or lose any significant amount of weight. Have the procedure after you have given birth and lost the extra weight. The results of your surgery will be damaged if you gain weight afterwards. The skin can stretch out again. Your stretch marks will not all disappear, but may be diminished.

When your decision is made, there are steps to follow in preparation for the surgery. You may undergo a physical exam complete with blood tests. You can expect to be counseled to avoid any aspirin, anti-inflammatories and all herbal remedies as they may contribute to excessive bleeding during and after surgery. Full cooperation with your surgeon will assist the favorable outcome when you have an abdominoplasty procedure in Indianapolis.

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