Martial Arts Technique For a Club Attack is One of the Best Self Defense Techniques You Can Learn

[I:] There are only eight techniques in the martial arts. This sort of flies in the face of people who study arts with a thousand self defense techniques, but that is not its intent. In fact, one should learn those thousand techniques before they actually consider something like the club catcher technique I’m going to give you here.

Club Catcher, and I may have erroneously listed this under Sword Catcher, depends on a high crossed wrist block. Obviously, the technique can be used in other ways, for other weapons. You’ll have to change certain things if you are disarming a bladed weapon, or handling some other kind of attack.

You raise the wrists and cross them in front of your face. This catches the incoming club, or whatever kind of weapon the fellow is attacking with. Make sure you get close enough so you can catch his wrist, and not the weapon, you don’t want to take the impact of the weapon on your arms.

What you do now depends on which of your hands is closest to the attacker. The martial arts technique you want to pursue the most is to close the attacker. That is, to push his arm across his body, thus potentially trapping it.

So if he swings the club with his right hand, and your left hand is in front of your right hand, push up on his elbow and pull down on his wrist. This will make for a great armbar or elbow roll. Make sure you get your body behind your arms, and the technique will require less force.

If he is attacking with the right hand, and your right hand is in front of your left hand, then you can go for some sort of armwrap. However, you are open to a strike with his other hand, so you might just as well pull his arm down with your left hand and execute a block with your right hand. This will actually position you better, put you on the inside with the strike option, so have a party and knock the living you know what out of him.

Club Catcher sets up a lot of other techniques. You can go into wrist twists, leg trips, a variety of armwraps, and even full body insertions whereby you can crank his head and deposit him into a little puddle in front of your feet. The main thing is to get so good at this martial arts technique that you can anticipate it, see him coming, and actually join with his motion, making the move into an aikido technique, or hapkido technique.

In closing, I consider the club attack defense of great worth, for it is one of the most important of the eight martial arts techniques. If somebody attacked you on the street there is a high likelihood that you will encounter this attack, whether with a club, or some other object. Remember, practice the move until the technique is more natural than walking.

You can find more martial arts movements of this sort at Monster Martial Arts. These precise techniques are listed in Matrix Kung Fu (The Forty Monkeys). Head on over to the Monster, and make sure you pick up a free book.

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