Losing weight rapidly: How to lose weight rapidly and permanently

The main reason why people fail to lose weight permanently is that they do not make progress as quickly as they would like, so they get frustrated and give up. It is easy to lose weight in the first week but losing weight rapidly and consistently for long periods is almost impossible. It is not because people do not put in the effort, very often people work hard every day but still progress is slow. I have a few tips that will hopefully help you lose weight rapidly and permanently.

Rapid weight loss ideas

  • Eating consistently without skipping meals is very important you know. There is a big difference if you eat 2 big meals a day or 5-6 small meals a day. Eating small frequent meals will speed up your metabolism, so you burn more calories. A slow metabolism is one of the main problems of overweight people. Never skip your breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day. If you skip your breakfast then you are screwed.
  • Always count your calories. This also means count calories when you go to restaurants or when you drink beer for example. If you eat more calories then you consume then you will not lose weight. The average number of calories, for people who want to lose weight ON AVERAGE is 1500 calories for women and 1800 for men.But do not cut your calories drastically, do it gradually.
  • Regular exercise is essential. It is impossible to lose weight permanently in the long-term if you do not exercise. And I mean both aerobic exercise and weight training. 3-4 times a week is a fine to start with. A 40-45 minute weight training session followed by 20-25 minute aerobic workout is one good example.It is better do to them on separate days, to hahve the most benefits.
  • Measure your progress or lack of progress. It is very important to weigh yourself and measure your fat percentage once a week. If you only weigh yourself on the almighty scale then you just do not know if you are losing fat. The goal is to lose fat not weight really.
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